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Downhill Boots

Footwear for descending mountains
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Next time you walk up a mountain, bring a pair of downhill boots in your backpack for the return trip. The soles of downhill boots are extra thick at the toe to keep your feet more level as you step down the slope, and the heels have super cushy padding to absorb energy and take some of the stress off your ankles, knees and shins.
AO, Aug 27 2003

Spring Heel Jack http://www.spartech...pringHeeledJack.htm
[po, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       walk up a mountain and down a hill
po, Aug 27 2003

       Could the soles be reversible for the trip up? It may make the climb feel more like stairs.
Worldgineer, Aug 27 2003

       Nice. A Goretex bun for you.
hazel, Aug 28 2003

       Earth shoes to go down, sky shoes to go up. Seems like a big load to carry.

I prefer World's suggestion--reversible soles.

But now I feel stupid. Stupid that I've been putting my boots on backwards to get down.
pluterday, Aug 28 2003

       //the heels have super cushy padding // could they be custard filled?
benlevi7, Aug 28 2003

       This will not work, but a well-padded croissant has been applied for effort.
Shz, Aug 29 2003

       This idea will only work practically if the incline remains the same for the duration of your trip. Sadly, most mountain/hill footpaths do not remain constant. However, if you could create a shoe whose sole purpose was to react and conform to the angle of the ground, rendering the foot angle a comfortable 0, then I would accept this alternative and throw a bun at you.
k_sra, Aug 29 2003

       //sole purpose// ha!
Worldgineer, Aug 29 2003

       The sole wouldn’t need to perfectly cancel the slope of the path, even if it only partially offset the slope it would make your foot more comfortable. (How you would get a fish to do something like that is beyond me.)
AO, Aug 29 2003

       Oh fine then, have your crumby bun. + ; )
k_sra, Aug 29 2003

       Some sort of smart spring in the sole, maybe?
Eugene, Aug 29 2003

       A pair of mountain-style rollerblades would make the descent as much fun as a roller coaster ride. Detachable heels may also help. When I go hiking it's uphill both ways.
LabRat, Aug 31 2003


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