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footwears, shoes, boots

ventilated footwears like shoes and boots
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As you walk with your pair of shoes or boots, your foot with every step downward powers a pump inside each footgear to suck in air through a one way input valve, in the upper ankle part of the footwear, and with the next step downward, the pump pushes the air out through another but opposing one way valve, on the surface of the footwear above the toes.

Exit of air should be effected near the ground, so as not to allow dust to enter inside the footwear if air is sucked in from near the ground.

The two valves in the pump work this way: when the foot steps downward, the input valve opens while the output valve closes, air is sucked in and stays inside until the foot again steps downward, when this time the input valve closes as the output valve opens to let the air out.

So each foot has a one - two, one - two, one - two sequence, with either the count of one or two actuating the air input phase or the air output phase of the footgear, as the wearer walks with each foot up and down, up and down again, and then again and again and again -- and air is pumped in and pumped out.

This pumping action passes fresh air through the footwear, keeps the foot fresh and dry, comfortably ventilated, instead of the foot feeling hot and moist.


yrreg, Apr 24 2007

Not quite exactly the same. http://www.alibaba....reathing_Shoes.html
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Apr 24 2007]

Skechers Airators http://www.skechers...=newest&prodId=8013
Breathing shoes [Noexit, Apr 25 2007]

Airators ad http://www.skechers.../maps/airators.html
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       And when it rains you can blow raspberries with your feet?
skinflaps, Apr 24 2007

       I have a sligtly different mechanism to suggest. As the heel is pressed down, a cavity is compressed and air passes into the rear of the boot. As the heel is lifted, the cavity fills with outside air. As the ball of the shoe is pressed down air from its cavity is blown into the outside air. As the toe is lifted the cavity fills with air from the inside of the toe.
marklar, Apr 24 2007

       Saw these on TV last night. I've only got a few minutes but I'll see about scaring up a link.   

       //Saw these on TV last night.//   

       I have too, this exact thing for the exact reason. I think they're Skechers for kids. I'll find the link.   

       anno: even though the idea is baked, I'm bunning it because I think it's a good idea.
Noexit, Apr 25 2007


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