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Grave turning generator

Annoy buried people to resolve energy problems
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I overheard someone say “I could almost hear Brahms turning in his grave with this performance.”

Well, there's an idea. Just attach a shaft between a generator and the soles of the shoes of every buried person (cremations are no good, for obvious reasons) through a hole in the casket and annoy the hell out of them, may God rest their souls (and not their soles!)

Competitions could be organised. In annoy-the-dead-competitions, scores are based upon the number of megawatts generated during a certain timespan. Who can perform the worst redition of "New York New York" or “It's all right Mama”, demonstrate how God DOES play dice (and a great game of Black Jack at that). And just a few dead popes should be able to meet the demand of the chistmas light decorations of an average mall.

The possibilities are endless...

Ehrm, Nov 21 2005


       do people wear shoes when they get buried? that seems strange to me, in a similar way to how i don't like to wear shoes in bed.
daaisy, Nov 21 2005

       Maybe something to do with the Egyptian/other beliefs that the dead need their actual stuff for the next life? ...and we've just kept with tradition?   

       I've also thought I would want to be curled up comfy on my side instead of stiffly faced-up.
Zuzu, Nov 21 2005

       Do they continue to turn in their graves after the corpse has decomposed?   

       Oh, silly me, how could it compost at all if it didn't turn?
ye_river_xiv, Feb 13 2007


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