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This is the page where all my ideas are. You oogle them, I kick myself for not having googled them. I try to make spectacularly good ideas, but instead, I make spectacularly bad ones. Of course, spectacularly bad is still spectacular. Greatness comes in many forms, and to be honest, I get a certain pleasure out of seeing two and a half of either.

About the HB: -Half a bun is a good idea. Two and a half buns may require divine intervention. Same goes for two and a half fishbones. -I'm a half-bun kind of guy. I've mostly got good ideas that aren't quite worth getting all worked up about. -We are the autoboner. Anno up, or forever cause halfbakers to have low self esteem and bad ideas.

Contact: ye underscore river underscore xiv at yahoo dot comatose.

Don't take me too seriously. Jutta won't like you, and neither will I. Besides, if I wanted to be taken seriously, I do this for a living, right? Well, I'd try to do it for a living... Well, OK, so maybe I do want to be taken seriously, but I know better than to try doing it for a living. So if you get it, let's have a good laugh, and if you don't then do your best to ignore me. Also, if you're taking me seriously, I want to buy all of the inventions I suggest, I'm just too lazy to bother marketing. So if you're handy, and it sounds good, get your tools out!

And now I need to look into compressed gas.

Following: exciting quotes I am now stealing from other halfbakers and posting here:

I would say atheism is a positive belief in the sense that it's a belief that there is no God, not lack of belief in God. So it's not a disbelief or an assumption but a specific opinion. I know that's an unpopular belief in certain atheist circles, but many people simply have no strong views on the existence or otherwise of a deity.

I also think that the claim that everyone is born an atheist seems to assume that neonates have opinions rather than being brainstem-dominated animals without active cerebral cortices. So in what sense are they atheist? Or, excitingly, are opinions outside the mind? Go on, get me started on that again. — nineteenthly, May 10 2011

[Jun 14 2006, last modified May 13 2011]

(+8)(+8) Ametrine laser printing
(+24)(+24)(+24) Annotation help file
(+2) Apartmoat
(+4, -1) Artificial egg replacement.
(+12, -1)(+12, -1) BI-metallic shower nozzle
(+2) Car-keyed deadbolts
(+7) Cetacean SCUBA
(+6, -3) Control cable locking
(+12)(+12) Conveyor belt Couch
(+4, -2) Custard gun
(+9, -1)(+9, -1) Dinging dong device
(+9, -1)(+9, -1) Drunk driving mass limit
(+15, -2)(+15, -2) Empty bottles marked "Tap Water"
(+4, -1) Escargot Hunting
(+11, -3)(+11, -3) fish "tank"
(+11)(+11) Flashlight fly attachment
 Floating Mirrors Against Global Warming
(+5, -12)(+5, -12) Foam for men
(-1) Gasperies
(+3, -10)(+3, -10) Geostationary polar satellite
(+8, -1) Glow in the dark hiking boots
 Gun wrapping service
(+14)(+14) Horror movie escort service
(+2, -1) Hybrid folding scooter
(+9)(+9) Ice Cream Bag
(+18, -1)(+18, -1) In-door Hamster Cage
(+13, -4)(+13, -4) Inquisition Mail Sorter
(+8, -2) Knocking door
(-7)(-7) Landmine clearance with Nuclear waste
(+14)(+14) Liquid insurance
(-12)(-12)(-12) Mine Clearance using Enemy Soldiers
(+9, -4) Mineral impregnated plastics
(+9)(+9) Nanotube Maille
(+1, -5) New Species of Cat
(+18, -1)(+18, -1) Oilslick ram jet ski
(+4) Old-time prospecting for radioactive waste
(+6, -2) Porchullis
(+3) Portiscope heating system
(+11, -3)(+11, -3) Ramjet ammo
 RFID them guns
(+7, -1) RFID them pens!
(+6) Safety dance music player
(+7, -1) Self winding Chronometer
(+5) Smelly smoke bench
(+6, -1) Spotter's guide in pubic hair
(+1) Tablet Overclocking pan pipe case
(+5) Tent Staples
(+6, -16)(+6, -16) The Sacrament of Fisting
(+10)(+10) The Tine Machine
(+18, -6)(+18, -6) "Votes of confidence" gun licensing

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