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Gravestone Windmill

Each grave has a windmill attached to generate power
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With the ever increasing amount of space being taken up by cemetaries that have no real use to the living aside from remembering those that have departed, why not attach electricity generating windmills to each gravestone. Gravestones these days seem to be rather stable, especially the rather large ones. Attaching windmills to them via a metal pole in the ground held up by suspension cables (such as large broadcast towers have) would generate enough power for a number of uses. Maybe have a small computer, powered by the windmill, in the gravestone listing the deceased person's life story. My original use for the gravestone-windmill was to electrocute/shock vandals about to harm the grave. But until I can figure out a way to distinguish vandals from mourners, I shall have to go with this less harmful version.
MrDaliLlama, Jul 29 2004

(??) Dilbert cartoon http://www.unitedme...lbert-20040728.html
OK, so who's gonna sue Scott Adams? [luecke, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 17 2004]


       Only if you use an old gothic windmill like in Sleepy Hollow.
simonj, Jul 29 2004

       [Mr Lama]Have you ever thought of another career path beside the ideas one you are now embarked on
tasman, Jul 29 2004

       //But until I can figure out a way to distinguish vandals from mourners//   

       Open a Flower/Sledgehammer Store next to Cemetery. Keep an eye on those Sledgehammer buyers.
thumbwax, Jul 29 2004

       [tw] Insert a tracking device in the handle of the sledgehammer, and you a good start on your evidence gathering.
WYBloke, Jul 29 2004

       They do that in Brave New World, [Zanzibar]. Strange book. Strange idea.
yabba do yabba dabba, Jul 29 2004

       I saw a Dilbert cartoon yesterday about harnessing the energy of their deceased founder's body as he turned in his grave... you could do the opposite here. Not sure why anyone would want to be forced to roll in their grave though.
luecke, Jul 29 2004

       Up there ^ at the top of the page is an idea called "corpse power" which does precisely that, vintage November 2000. You saw it here first, Scott Adams!
Etymon, Jul 29 2004


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