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Gravitational Energy Power Generation

Take advantage of children, wherever they may be.
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It has come to the attention of UBCo Energy Systems that gravity apparently increases markedly whenever children are in the proximity of garbage, making the aforementioned garbage far too heavy to pick up or move.

Consequently, UBCo have developed a number of devices, all of which look remarkably like garbage and which will be strewn haphazardly in those places where children gather in greatest number... around schools, cinemas and corner stores.

This nefariously cunning scheme way soon end the world's dependence upon fossil fuels; nuclear fuels and the regionally inconsistent solar and wind energy capture programs which have previously attracted many billions of dollars of investment and millions of hours of engineers' time.

So, next time you see some pimply, hirsute, disrespectful teenager step over an empty cola can on the ground, just remember that she may be saving the world, one step at a time.

UnaBubba, Jul 24 2012


       You seem to have deleted the paragraph in between the current 4th and 5th, wherein you explain the //nefariously cunning scheme// and how it works.
FlyingToaster, Jul 24 2012

       All of that detail will be in the patent application, which we'll lodge the week of the launch. Trust me, I'm a halfbaker.
UnaBubba, Jul 24 2012

       well, alrighty then.
FlyingToaster, Jul 24 2012

       Books and a vertical conveyor belt.   

       Give all the students a reasonably heavy book to do their homework in, and they submit the homework book into a slot on the top floor, onto the conveyor bit travels down to the marking area, and then onwards to the floor that is on ground level. The book's weight pulls on the vertical conveyor belt that drives a generator.
not_morrison_rm, Jul 24 2012

       //it seems UBCo engineers can reach quite an altitude.//   

       <Sp> it seems UBCo engineers can reach quite an attitude.
AusCan531, Jul 24 2012

       I don't think there's enough gravity in this idea, to be honest.
UnaBubba, Jul 24 2012


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