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density of kinky

Gravity is the force of spacetime trying to unkink itself.
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Virtual particles come and go in and out the fabric of space-time but to have something exist it has to stay around. For this to happen, there has to be a held imbalance, a stretched kink or tear that so the neutralisation back into 0 space-time doesn't occur. The kink would have a slight difference in make up compared to free space-time.

What if all masses have to have associated kinks of their particles, the summation of all these quanta of kink have an emergent behaviour on the cosmological scale as gravity.

So the kinky field is just a simple density gradient. The more mass the kinkier the space-time. Since the drive of the universe is to neutrality, shown by virtual particles, free space time tries to equate out the kinked space-time.

Between two masses the free space-time will try to go to each mass. This will cause a low density stretch at the mid point causing the masses to close the distance. This continues and masses combine. Energies and velocities can, of course, keep distances in balance.

So summing up, gravity is caused by a particle's connection with space-time that gives permanence to the particle, that, I have defined as a kink. A field of these kinks acts as a universal density gradient.

wjt, May 01 2021

boots https://en.wikipedi.../Kinky_Boots_(film)
[pertinax, May 01 2021]

rubber sheet https://theory.uwin...avitational%20well.
[pertinax, May 01 2021]


       So, a slight difference in make up, but no boots?   

       Isn't this a lot like the familiar "heavy weights on a rubber sheet" analogy?
pertinax, May 01 2021

       Sounds a bit like string theory.
Voice, May 01 2021

       Any thoughts on how the universe is put together must include established facts or a least explain their their ability to work so yes like the rubber sheet but due to the point between the rubber sheet and it's constituent particles.   

       Gravity might even be as simple as the virtual particle density near mass, the Casimir effect on a tiny particle scale.   

       Is the universal spacetime , just a solid crystal , a swiss cheese so to speak, with energy swirling within, or is there a single baseline atmos, the parent to all, or even like the shape of a kinky boot, two components combining to create us?   

       Just fun to imagine.
wjt, May 01 2021

       So really the idea could be, taking a wider view, the exercise of imagination of any human but aimed at how the universal fabric can be imagined. Maybe an hour of school time of a creative writing/art expression after an hour of basic physic principles. A human based AI learning algorithm.
wjt, May 01 2021


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