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Gravity change run path

Run and jump inside a giant wheel with changing gravity
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As opposed to most revolving theme rides, you are not tied up in this one, and are free (actually encouraged) to walk or run.

Something like a large horizontal doughnut but with an octagon or decagon shape of the "tube", you start off on a round running path. You cannot see too far ahead, but there are some obstacles you must avoid by running around them, and others you jump over. There are recognizable objects you must touch, so you know when you are at your second lap.

Then the fun begins. An announcement on the loudspeakers tells everyone that a change of gravity is due. Lights flash on the new floor, and slowly you begin feeling the movement as you advance, finally running or walking on a different path higher up and to the side pulling you outwards, like in a space station. It goes faster or slower for a stronger "G" and hence different floor "levels".

For safety you wear air filled pillowed suits and a (american) football helmet.

All obstacles and utilities are soft, and the walls (and floor, if there is one so to speak) are covered with some soft covering.

There are sofa's along the walls so that if you get tired you can sit down, and there are hanging ropes from the ceiling, so that you can grab and stabilize yourself if needed.

Now that I mentioned that, you could be attached to a "lifeline" connected to the ceiling, and keeping you from crashing with the person before you.

pashute, Aug 12 2011


       It could be vertical as well to provide "incentive" to not get it wrong and fall over.
AusCan531, Aug 13 2011

       +, but it would be more fun in space where you could go to <1g.
DIYMatt, Aug 13 2011

       I had an idea kind of like this. Instead of spinning, what if the tube wobbled slowly? It would be the same motion that a plate makes when it spins on the floor, just as it is going faster and faster before coming to rest. Then you could get on some sort of wheeled thing and you would always be going down hill.
nomocrow, Aug 15 2011

       Love it - you could add a sea-legs theme for pirate simulation, or all-way movement for recreating the effects of imbibing too many lagers.
zen_tom, Aug 15 2011

       T'sgood. I like [nomocrow]'s take on it too.   

       Make an idea about a parachute but name it pashute. I challenge you.
rcarty, Aug 16 2011


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