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Great Games DVD

As most movies are now on DVD, the most memorable sports games could be put on DVD with features like running commentary by the athletes who played in them.
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They have great games on ESPN Classic, and you can probably buy a lot of them on Ebay, by people who taped them. But mostly, if you want to relive your favorite moments (Game 6 of the 1975 World Series, the Duke-Kentucky NCAA Tournament thriller) you're limited to highlights. Why not put these games on DVDs, and add the features movie DVDs have, such as the athletes and coaches talking along with the action, as if they were watching it in their living room. You could include text of newspaper or magazine articles written about the game, and interviews with other players or people who were there, and perhaps pieces on what led up to the game, or on what happened after the game.
dredcat7, Mar 01 2001


       What a great idea for a business...
terranea45, Aug 31 2002


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