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obstacle ball

the game of the future
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i think its about time for a new game. football, baseball, soccer and basketball are fun, but there hasn't been anything new for a long time. i have an idea for a game that i think will be the next big sport.

its on a round field and the ball is like a dodgeball. the field is covered in obstacles, that spin and do crazy stuff. the game is played in one minute rounds (there are 45 rounds a game) each team gets one ball and they both try to get the ball to the other side of the circle.

there would be about 10 people on each team and you can pass the ball at any time, to anyone. if you get tackled with the ball you can get back up and keep playing the round, but your ball is dead and you must wait to the next round before you score.

there would also be walls around the adge of the field so you could bounce the ball of walls to people. the ball would also become dead if it touches the ground.

mr logan, Jan 06 2009

Speedball http://en.wikipedia...l_Deluxe_.281990.29
[skinflaps, Jan 06 2009]

Normzone_20Paragraph_20Breaker [normzone, Jan 06 2009]


       (Hint.) I feel that your biggest obstacle is paragraphs.
skinflaps, Jan 06 2009

       Thanks, [skinflaps]. (linky)
normzone, Jan 06 2009

       sorry, i have an enter key phobia. (i also hate capitalization)
mr logan, Jan 06 2009

       Good luck with that.
Texticle, Jan 07 2009

       Nice breaks, [mr_logan].
normzone, Jan 07 2009

       the other side of the... what, scores?   

       i'd like some penalty rounds that were a bit longer. ummm, 2 min. penalty rounds for any sportsmanlike conduct. all the opposing, and any of your own teammates if they desired, get a dodge-ball and the penalized, good sport could run for their life using those obsticals to keep separate their hide from any zinged, stinging,unsuccessfully dodged-balls. no tackling in the penalty round .
Sir_Misspeller, Jan 07 2009


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