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Green Cleaners

Reducing office electricity wastage
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At the end of a day in the office, many people turn off their pc, but forget to turn off their monitor. To cut down on this unnecessary waste of electricity, cleaning companies could offer an extra service to turn off any screens that have been left on overnight. An environmentally aware cleaning firm might actually offer this extra service for free, particularly if no other cleaning company offers it in the area. This extra service should only be confined to non critical electrical items like monitors. If cleaners were to turn monitors off at night, just think how much electricity could be saved. Obviously, office workers should be encouraged to turn their monitors off in the first place, but it's never that easy. So this cleaning service idea is the next best thing in the battle agianst unnecessary wastage.
NumboJumbo, Dec 23 2007


       //Obviously, office workers should be encouraged to turn their monitors off in the first place, but it's never that easy.   

       Actually it is that easy. It's just simple stuff made difficult by stupid people. [+]
sprogga, Dec 24 2007

       // stupid people //   

       1. Tautology   

       2. You mean there's another sort ?
8th of 7, Dec 24 2007

       Actually, Windows settings allow you to power off unused monitors and hard drives. So you can do that as a corporate standard.   

       (For the record, I always make a point of powering off monitors, even those with automtatic screen saver power-offs, when corporate settings require PCs to be left on overnight.)
DrCurry, Dec 24 2007

       Yeah, Windows can do this automatically on any green monitor that allows remote power save and it has the advantage that it can do so on any long unused period.
MisterQED, Dec 24 2007

       // absolutely too stupid for words people //   

       "People like us ...."   

       // Windows can do this automatically //   

       Yep, amongst a host of other clever features, it can even power off your machine without warning, or saving any of your data.   

       We love you too, Bill. Go suck on a Neutron star.
8th of 7, Dec 24 2007

       I wouldn't want any cleaning crew near computers in my office. They seem to have enough trouble emptying the garbage and remembering to lock doors and turn off lights, neither of which they do with any consistency. Ways to reduce their challenges will be richly bunned by moi.
Arcana, Dec 25 2007


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