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Integrated shredder, worm composter

Shredder makes bedding for worms that eat it.
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Everybody has documents that need to be shredded now. Junk mail contains enough information to supply a skilled identity thief. But putting the shreds in the trash won’t stop a determined thief. The state of California is recommending people use worms in their office (see link) to compost the lunch room scraps and it has evidently hit the news. And as worms need bedding, shredded newspaper is recommended, and will eat paper. Why not integrate the integrated waste management even more. This device will not only shred your sensitive documents but will dampen the paper and put it in a bin with worms. A lot of the paper will be eaten by the worms, along with food scraps, and what they don’t eat isn’t going to be in any condition for an identity thief. Every so often the dirt created by the worms can be taken out and given to the office plants or landscaping.

The device will need a moisture meter with which it can regulate the dampness of the bedding, a hookup for the water, a fan to keep the little chompers aerated and possibly a vent.

Fish bones gleefully accepted.

cjacks, Oct 13 2006

Keep worms in your office. http://www.ciwmb.ca.gov/WPW/Office/
A news article sent me here. Search for “Keep worms” [cjacks, Oct 13 2006]

Nature Mill http://www.naturemill.com/index.html
Automatic composter (though not worm-powered)... [prufrax, Oct 13 2006]

Can-o-worms http://www.wigglywi...?findit=Can-O-Worms
It has exactly what it says on the can. [oniony, Oct 13 2006]


       Actually, vermi-compost bins apparently don't give off much odour providing that the rate you add food isn't faster than the worms can eat it (otherwise it will rot and the bacteria will cause a hum). You can even buys ones suitable for use in the kitchen.   

       My worry is that the bleach and inks in most letters, newspapers and print-outs will be toxic to the poor little wormies.
oniony, Oct 13 2006

       Isn't this baked already? I saw something in the press regarding this in the last few days.
normzone, Oct 13 2006

       You really don't need to shred newspaper all that much. Just soak it down and rip it up and the worms will do the rest. A banana peel bribe will help.
bungston, Oct 13 2006

       I was planning to suggest some simplifications, but I think I've come up with an even more ridiculous idea to add later.
ye_river_xiv, Oct 14 2006


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