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Green Houseboat

A houseboat with a tidal turbine underneath
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I want to build a houseboat that I could anchor in middle of a slow moving river and harvest the energy from the current under the boat. I also intend on using solar panels.I would also incorporate a floating garden area that uses the river water for irrigation. I'm high
mlingley, Jul 27 2011

The Amazing Power of Water Generators http://www.sailnet....ter-generators.html
"Usable power begins to be generated at about three knots of boat speed." [Klaatu, Jul 27 2011]

Green houseboat http://www.danhelle...n-houseboat-big.jpg
[Klaatu, Jul 27 2011]

//I'm high// http://highdeas.com/
The halfbakery for stoners. [spidermother, Jul 27 2011]


       Wasn't this done ages ago, in the Seine, in the form of moored floating water mills?
spidermother, Jul 27 2011

       seems perfectly o.k. considering you're high.
po, Jul 27 2011

       I'm reasonably certain somebody rich built a trans-oceanic racing catamaran using both wind and water power to generate electricity, but I'm too high to search for a link right now.
Alterother, Jul 28 2011


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