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Green Light Signal

Never Get Honked at Again
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We've all done it! We've sat at that long red light and tried to read a map, or send a text message, or put on our make-up and then the light changes and we get honked at.

With the Green Light Signal you will never get honked at again. This small device attached to your rear view mirror senses when the light changes and alerts you with a clear beeping tone so that you can get moving before the person behind you gets upset.

You will no longer lose time looking back up to check the light 5 6 or 10 times, instead you can focus on the task at hand.

Think of all the time you will be saving!

jhomrighaus, Mar 17 2006


       It's a win-win. +
Shz, Mar 17 2006

       <fuck it - I poked myself in the eye with my lippy again!>   

       actually pink eye liner quite suits me - ;)
po, Mar 17 2006

       I'm the guy waiting opposite you with the green 1,000,000 candlepower portable spotlight, waiting for you to take your eyes off the action...
BunsenHoneydew, Mar 18 2006

       Great for those intersections where the light is mounted too high for easy watching! Less neck cramps for me!!   

Galbinus_Caeli, Mar 18 2006

       I love watching women put on their makeup - gotta go.
normzone, Mar 18 2006

       Whats the definition of a micro second?   

       The time it takes for the light to change and the guy in the car behind you to honk his horn.
Braindead, Mar 19 2006

       Good Idea, but I could see how this would cause accidents. The guy's sensor in the car behind you at the light alerts him while he's reading a map. Before he looks up, he smashes the gas and right into you.
Holeinmysock, Mar 20 2006

       In the US, with all of our lawyers, the beep would be replaced with a "safe harbor" statement....   

       "The light may have turned green. You assume your own liability in proceeding."
sophocles, Mar 20 2006

       I was about to post this very idea, but as an "Autohonker", which automatically honks at the car in front of you the instant the light turns green. Saves you staring at the red light with your hand poised on the horn.
phundug, Aug 15 2006


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