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Drive me crazy

Drive someone crazy with random horns.
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The Drive Me Crazy is a little battery powered prank gizmo which attaches to the underside of a car. It senses when the car is moving (simple mercury switch) and activates itself. When activated there's a chance it will sound a random car horn every so often thus slowly driving the driver crazy. He'll always be thinking "Who the hell is honking at me? What did I do? What a jerk!"

The Drive Me Crazy changes pitch so it sounds like a different car every so often. Eventually the driver goes crazy or picks a fight with some innocent driver behind them.

I'm sure this is illegal and can only lead to bad things.

lowbot, Apr 30 2006

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Sorta like this. [lowbot, Apr 30 2006]


       Another prank (so I've heard) is to attach a plastic whistle to the underside of someone's car, so they hear a whiny sound whenever they're moving, but it stops when they stop.
phundug, Apr 30 2006

       My car does that. Sadly, I don't think there's a whistle underneath it.
Texticle, Apr 30 2006

       prank +
picks a fight: -
moomintroll, Apr 30 2006

       //I'm sure this is illegal and can only lead to bad things.//   

       Got my vote.
Letsbuildafort, Apr 30 2006


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