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Green Retrofit for Classic Cars

A system for Greening up Classic Automobiles
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This system is intended to allow owners of classic automobiles to drive them with less environmental impact, without destroying their historical and aesthetic qualities.

This system is designed so that from the outside the car appears completely stock, even the engine looks the same. Driving performance would be maintained as there would be no impact on weight distribution either. Best of all the system can be removed and the car returned to its original operable condition.

The system utilizes at its core a cylinder sized linear actuator assembly along the lines of the Bose suspension System. These actuators would be sized to slip fit into the existing cylinder bores. The piston rods are replaced with a special rod that is the moving portion of the linear actuator. The actuators are attached to a special cylinder head with the exact external dimensions of the original units which is all bolted into place on the engine. The exhaust manifolds, valve covers and intake plenum all attach as normal. The spark plug wires are replaced with the control and electric feed wiring, battery packs and fuel cells are designed such that they replace the fuel tank or radiator, fit into the trunk, under the seats, or below the floor, depending on the vehicle in question.

Slight modification to driving style would permit for regenerative braking to recharge batteries.

Engine performance would be tuned to match the original engine output, and a group of high power sonic generators built into the cylinder heads would simulate the normal engine tone.

Though the range on such a system might be limited, this system is not intended for regular long distance travel.

jhomrighaus, Jul 21 2006

Bose Suspension System http://www.bose.com...sion_components.jsp
The Technology [jhomrighaus, Jul 21 2006]

For cars like this http://en.wikipedia...sport-cabriolet.jpg
Horch Roadster [jhomrighaus, Jul 21 2006]


       I think you'd be better putting in an electric motor driving the input to the rear differential. What you are proposing seems needlessly complex; I think that purists who are sufficiently concerned about the way their car's driveline looks will be unlikely to want to convert their vehicles; people looking for a greener classic would be happy with a simple motor situated somewhere out of sight.
david_scothern, Jul 21 2006

       This is much cooler, Also this approach preserves the driving experience of a classic auto(which is why I think most people would not proceed using normal methods, not the appearance of it all, which doesnt hurt the idea). This preserves the entire driveline so the car will drive and handle as before.   

       I can tell you that Driving my Midget would not be the same if it just Hummed and you dint have to shift(or deal with the unsycronized 1st gear)
jhomrighaus, Jul 21 2006

       I thought this would be as halfbaked as they come. Shows what I know.
jhomrighaus, Jul 25 2006

       One major appeal of a classic car is lost: field-reparability. It can be argued that user-fixability is an ecological advantage. Greenpeace used to issue a pamphlet urging people to buy user-fixable things, before manufacturers started convincing people that the latest disposable stuff is "more efficient".   

       It is not just that classic cars are already there and that the environmental effect of their manufacture may largely be taken out of the equation. The economic/industrial systems required to keep them running are fairly low-key and not really equipped to expand their influence, like the main-stream motor industry can and does. Classic cars are therefore a way that the use of motor vehicles may be allowed to become less important in the overall system of transportation.
Ned_Ludd, Jan 19 2007

       Bun for conceiving a unique app for the Bose actuator, bone for Goldbergian complexity where it isn't required. Sorry.
elhigh, Jan 22 2007

       What happens when internal Combustion engines are outlawed to prevent pollution? Remember we are talking about extremely rare, historically significant autos here and not your grandpas old lousy Chevy. Attaching an electric motor to the tranny just doesn't work in that context.
jhomrighaus, Jan 22 2007

       //What happens when internal Combustion engines are outlawed to prevent pollution?// Do you think this is more or less likely than private motorised vehicles being banned to prevent pedestrian injury and clutter in public places?
pocmloc, Oct 22 2010

       <<Obligatory 'do the math' comment>>   

       Have you considered the force required from the linear actuators in order to match the original engine's output?   

       My Spitfire has a fairly modest output of 70 BHP (53kW) at 5,500 RPM. To match that would require four actuators capable of just over 13kW each on 50% duty cycle!   

       Driving around 4,000 miles per year at 40MPG, how long would it take for the modification to pay for its own CO2 footprint? I suspect substantially longer than the life of the parts.   

Twizz, Oct 22 2010

       The only reason i want a 454 chevelle ss is for its massive environmental impact. Plus, this is baked.
DIYMatt, Oct 22 2010

       I missed boning this first time around. But now that I'm here...   

       (1) The problem isn't cars. The problem is too many cars. By the time we develop technology that would make this feasible, internal combustion cars will be so rare that running all the classic cars on earth won't have an impact worth worrying about.   

       (2) It sort of misses the entire point of a classic car. The aim is not to drive a golf buggy that looks like a Jaguar E- type. The aim is to drive a Jaguar E-type that feels, sounds and smells like a Jaguar E-type. This idea is soulless.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 22 2010

       [+] for the idea of minimalist electric conversion, but same sentiment as [MB]: what you end up is more a mobile museum-piece than a classic car.   

       Personally I'd settle for mixing and matching modern and obsolescent construction methods, materials and design elements.   



       <flag> [Brandon Mitchel] as a spammer
FlyingToaster, Nov 10 2010


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