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Green biro

With big, loopy spirals instead of dots over the i's.
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Some sort of text recognition system which counts the number of capital letters and divides it by the total number of characters. If your capitalization ratio is very very low (or _extremely_ high), and the total length of the idea is very very long, then the whole thing is rendered in shaky green biro. With big, loopy spirals over the i's.

<marked-for-deletion> satire.

moomintroll, Aug 16 2005


       Or just user-configurable fonts.
DrCurry, Aug 16 2005

       A capital idea.
baconbrain, Aug 17 2005

       Maybe ratios the paragraph breaks, and checks to see that the letter 'u' never stands by itself. [+]
coprocephalous, Aug 17 2005

       (+) little coffee-coloured cats' paw prints tracking across the page....
ConsulFlaminicus, Aug 17 2005


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