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instructions in help section for half bakery html character entities!

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how do you do it?


sfitchet, Jul 12 2004


       If you're using Windows, you can select the character you want from charmap.exe. é is Alt0233.
angel, Jul 12 2004

       Ör cut ând pästè from a word document
calum, Jul 12 2004

Ling, Jul 12 2004

       sp: œB@k鮥
po, Jul 12 2004

       Teaching you to enter text into a text box should be part of your browser's instructions or functionality, not something that the owners of websites need to deal with.
jutta, Jul 12 2004

       Thanks, [po], couldn't see the wood for the trees.
Ling, Jul 13 2004


       hmm, thats not how it looked when I pasted it.   

bungston, Mar 18 2005


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