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Greenwich Mummy Time

{Click} Look! It's past your bedtime!
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What do you do when it's early evening and your kids are driving you mad?... Or, if you want to make use of that extra-impetus they have when they think you haven't noticed that they're up late? - Answer, The GMT Household Clock system.

Many electronic clocks today have automatic time settings via radio / wireless / TCP/IP (NTP, Rugby, NPL, GPS). Some also have a button that allows quick and simple toggle between BST/GMT (or whatever your geographic region's equivalents are). The GMT Clock System simply adds a further setting, which can be conveiniently selected from a small and discrete pocket remote control. One click, and all the clocks in the house step forward 1 hour. Similar to Daylight Savings Time, except Sanity Savings Time.

The clocks automatically return to the local timezone as they cross midnight or 2 hrs before the next alarm is due, whichever is the sooner.

{Thanks Cuz}

Dub, Nov 09 2010

10_2e30pm_20New_20Y...ions_20TV_20channel [hippo, Oct 06 2012]

CBeebies Yawning stories (RickRoll?) https://www.bbc.co....stley-show-and-tell
[Dub, Oct 13 2019]


       I would like to say yes to this, but most kids have their own phones, laptops, etc. with time displays, so I don't think it would really work on them!!
xandram, Nov 09 2010

       If it works on any one of them once, it's worthwhile.
Boomershine, Nov 09 2010

       Oh, so not the kind of mummy that rises from its tomb.
DrWorm, Nov 09 2010

       <sings> go compared, go compared, go compaaarred... "mummee!"<sings
po, Nov 10 2010

       Great idea +
blissmiss, Nov 10 2010

       Does rather remind me of a conversation with a youngster about Greenwich Mean Time, and how there should probably be a Greenwich Nice Time to balance it out.
zen_tom, Nov 11 2010

       Greenwich Nice Time is always set to 4pm so you can finish what you're doing at once and sit down for tea and cakes [+]
pocmloc, Nov 11 2010

       I've sometimes thought that if I ever run a business, all the clocks in the office will be set up to run ever so slightly faster than normal on Friday afternoon, so that they read 5pm when it's actually 4.45. Then everyone can go home, and enjoy their extra 15 minutes of Friday evening.
Wrongfellow, Oct 06 2012

       Recently saw an ad for BBC CBeebies which seems to contain lots of characters yawning... BRILLIANT!
Dub, Oct 13 2019

       Recently saw an ad for BBC CBeebies which seems to contain lots of characters yawning... BRILLIANT!
Dub, Oct 13 2019

       Was it by any chance a programme about Brexit ?
8th of 7, Oct 13 2019

       [xandram]. Simple! Re-map common time servers / via router HOSTS or DNS (often routers act as time servers themselves)... I'm fairly sure it may cause some odd behavour, though
Dub, Nov 03 2019


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