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Gresh Fround

When you run out of beans, make your own
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I prefer fresh ground coffee. The clatter of the beans in the grinder. The zing of the grinder.

The aroma of fresh ground coffee.

But sometimes I run out of beans and all I have is ground coffee. "Gresh Fround" is a machine for pressing ground coffee into coffee-bean-shaped objects.

lingamish, Sep 18 2007

art from trash http://www.eco-artw...sletter_08_00.shtml
[dentworth, Sep 18 2007]

patented machine http://www.freepate...ne.com/4187992.html
does not reshape into a bean [dentworth, Sep 18 2007]


       the two links are not exactly what you describe so I give you a +
dentworth, Sep 18 2007

       Presumably a pill-maker would do the trick. If you had a coffee-bean-shaped mold.
DrCurry, Sep 18 2007


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