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cappuccino with your portait drawn in the foam
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I'm addicted to cappuccinos. Sometimes the person making them is compelled to make a little drawing on the surface of the foam, usually in the form of a leaf or a galaxy like swirl. This always adds to the treat, but why not take the process further? Hence the idea of the Ego-ccino.

In a café equipped with an Ego-ccino machine, customers are presented with the option of their cappuccino being delivered with their own portrait gazing up at them, from its foamy surface.

Here's how it works:

On selecting the Ego-ccino option, the customer's face is photographed and automatically digitised. This image is then transferred to a matrix of stirring/ agitiating needles that are lowered unto the blank canvas of the freshly prepared cappuccino surface.

Immediately on contact they gently agitate and stir the surface of the foam, adding tiny controlled drops of chocolate stain to create the subtle shading of the perfect portrait.

Your cappuccino has now become an ego-ccino and you may delight in the pleasure of drinking and swallowing your own image.

Also under development "Your Portrait on a Fried Egg".....

xenzag, Jun 29 2006

flickr tag: latteart http://www.flickr.c...tteart/interesting/
Background. [jutta, Jun 29 2006]

http://www.bitrebel...ter-your-face-foam/ Ha - another idea I should have patented [xenzag, Feb 21 2015]


       + I like it, but I think my nose is too big to fit in the cup.
xandram, Jun 29 2006

       You must be thinking sillhouette, I'm thinking front aspect, posterized.
wagster, Jun 29 2006

       Ack! You are going to put CHOCOLATE on my cappaccino? What's next? Liquid bacon? Ew! Ew! EW!   

       Oh, but bun for the idea.
Galbinus_Caeli, Jun 29 2006

       Eggo-chino: your face on a fried egg on a cappuchino.
wagster, Jun 29 2006

       I note with some egret that you have, possibly as a lark, snuck a bird name into this idea...
ConsulFlaminicus, Jun 29 2006

       I thought the go-cci was actually a flying mammal?
wagster, Jun 29 2006

       You could get standard stencils that you put over the fresh cappacino and sprinkle the chocolate powder over it.
kuupuuluu, Jun 29 2006

       [+] Smart.   

       Also - if you weren't feeling particular egotistical that day, you could perhaps order an 'off-the-peg' portrait of somebody famous.   

       Like the "Che Gue-ccino", (Che Guevara) for revolutionary-types.   

       Or the "Einstein-A-ccino" for science student-types.
monojohnny, Jun 29 2006

       [wags] My anno was meant to be a joke, as I don't care so much to see myself, but do like the idea.... monojohnny put it right for me, but I was thinking more like a Brad Pittaccino.
xandram, Jun 29 2006

       I got it, but the fact remains: front profile even Pinnochio would fit in.
wagster, Jun 29 2006

       I realize this violates the "ego" part of the idea, but if I'm having a bad hair day can I have someone elses portrait? How about that cute girl in the corner, can I have hers?
Noexit, Jun 29 2006

       just looked at the link.... so much foam, so little time.
xenzag, Jun 29 2006

       [ConsulFlaminicus], wren will you realize that bird puns are nothing to crow about?
normzone, Jun 29 2006

       Holy crap, that's some coffee art!
wagster, Jun 29 2006

       Anna Kournaccino. yum.
monojohnny, Jun 30 2006

       Yes, nice link from jutta!! What if the 'girl in the corner' has a nice...um, back side? Could one have Buttuccino?
xandram, Jun 30 2006


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