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Grilled Cheese Variety pack

Perfecting perfection.
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A proper grilled cheese sandwich is a lovely thing, for which there are infinite variations. Some of us, alas, cannot afford to explore all of the cheese and bread combinations that go into the one perfect food, and so the following idea:

The grilled cheese variety pack would look like a standard loaf of bread, in the standard plastic sleeve, but would contain several different types of bread sandwiching several different types of cheese. Wheat and American, Rye and Swiss, Cheddar and Seven Grain. Each sandwich could be wrapped in wax paper with the combination printed on.

You would get it in the cold case.

Choice of salted or unsalted butter and cooking method is up to you.

bulgy bear, Oct 13 2002


       A deli?
phoenix, Oct 13 2002

       I tried not to like this idea. I tried to remember UB's loaf of bread that had different types. I thought, hmmm... using different cheeses on different types of breads, maybe something I have never tried before, say Muenster on raisin bread, just for a poor example, might be neat.   

       And if you add the surprise factor, what you pull out, is what you get, or atleast what you must try, well then I think it is a great idea for a new sandwich experiment. (And a definate plus for a new person.)
blissmiss, Oct 13 2002

       Wonderful. Could be sold in combo with a beer variety pack ?   

       Definite first class croissant awarded.
8th of 7, Oct 15 2002

       Sounds yummy and exciting! For those of us who have the same thing for lunch every day, the "same thing" would no longer be the same, as you get a different combination every time!
istill316, Dec 08 2006

       [+] Delicious idea.   

       How about adding different additions (other toppings, spreads/condiments) as well?   

       My personal favourite is marble rye, old cheddar, and just a little bit of pesto.
tastycat, Dec 08 2006

       I'd like my grilled cheese variety pack to contain images of The Holy Madonna, The 28 Buddhas, L. Ron Hubbard, some abstract geometric depiction portraying the essense of Mohammed, The Great Old One Who Lies Dreaming at R'lyeh, a couple of Shoggoths and one of those Spaghetti Monsters.
zen_tom, Dec 08 2006

       Yes please, but no American "cheese", that stuff's crap.
DocBrown, Dec 08 2006

       would there be different variety packs.. like.. Bold flavor... Sharp flavor... maybe you could keep the breads and the cheeses separate and add a little pair of dice, one with breads, one with cheeses.. you roll the dice and make the sandwich..
rascalraidex, Dec 10 2006


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