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Internal character scrambling rhyme assistant

Grind words and make poems out of them
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Many are put off from attempting poetry because they have poor rhyming abilities. Some words have many obvious rhymes and these are much used in love songs and the like. Longer, more complicated words are hard to rhyme.

It is an interesting property of the written word that one can scramble internal characters and still read the word well in context,. so long as first and last character are in place. I believe there is a HB idea on this premise; I will link.

I propose that this internal scramble could be used to generate alternate word spellings, some of which might rhyme with other words that the original spelling does not rhyme with. Clever poets and wordsmiths might generate such on the spot. For the less clever, I propose a generator could receive a word that it is hard to rhyme (the proverbial one being "orange" though many others might find use in poems) and then scramble up and present a number of words which rhyme, or could rhyme.

Poems utilizing scrambled rhyme words might be difficult to understand if simply recited by a beret wearing poet. They could be a lot of fun if read aloud and at the same time projected behind on a screen, as the rhyme will be conveyed by the reader but sound like nonsense at the same time the true word is evident when read on the screen.

bungston, May 31 2014

Erm, right http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pocari_Sweat
[not_morrison_rm, May 31 2014]

text confuzzilator http://mitxela.com/other/confuzzle
also features a browser extension to internally scramble all words on every webpage you view! [mitxela, Jun 02 2014]


       This seems like a rather less efficient alternative to a rhyming dictionary - many of which are available online.   

       Also, I'm not sure I aerge taht sbmarcinlg ierntlan lertts lavees wrods radealbe.
MaxwellBuchanan, May 31 2014

       A ’bkear nemad [MaBelnnwxlaacun],
Deaigserd wtih the ieda of [bontgsun].
“It is tcrkiy to raed
let anloe cnmherpoed
And slihery wno’t be //a lot of fun//”.
pocmloc, May 31 2014

       I like! Although I think /raed/ rhymes better with /ustndnraed/ than /cnmherpoed/.
bungston, May 31 2014

MaxwellBuchanan, May 31 2014

       I dn’ot tnhik it cuntos as rnmiyhg if iianetdcl sealllbys ccdnuole tehir rsteepvcie lneis?
pocmloc, May 31 2014

       //cuntos// sounds like one of those unintentionally hilarious brands of Latvian potato snacks.
MaxwellBuchanan, May 31 2014

       Glass of Pocari Sweat anyone?
not_morrison_rm, May 31 2014

       It knid of deefts the ppruse of rhimyng in reasonably understandable words.   

       I would rather prefer an extended rhyming dictionary that finds not only rhymes but is searchable by concept and synonym.
Voice, Jun 02 2014

       cuntos n. pl. of cunto
cunto n. Scottish generic salutationary epithet, roughly equivalent to US American bro.
calum, Jun 02 2014

       Aha! Terhe has nveer been a bteter time to link to my old text-cotlinzazuofr scprit!
mitxela, Jun 02 2014

       The Confuzzilator called me Bongutsn! I like it! The Confuzzilator is exactly what the endeavor of poesie needs.
bungston, Jun 02 2014


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