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Grocery Sniping

"I have 35, do I hear 37?"
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Next in my supermarket checkout game series: When a person ahead of you receives a total to pay, immediately offer a counter-bid of couple of dollars more and begin a competitive bidding process. If they assert that the groceries are theirs, point out that they have not yet paid. Or ask what sort of bag they used (paper or plastic) and smile approvingly and keep bidding.

This, I suspect, would be most fun when done to rightwing think- tankers. If they actually go to the supermarket.

Important equipment: running shoes.

DadManWalking, Jan 02 2005

spelling of Sniping http://dictionary.r...om/search?q=sniping
it does look odd [DadManWalking, Jan 02 2005]

a less mean game Supermarket_20Check...st_20or_20not_3f_22
Shameless plug for other, somewhat related idea [DadManWalking, Jan 28 2005]


       There are many suspicious groups absent from supermarkets. I never see long haired musicians or long haired anybody buying food in a grocery store. I never see athletically well built figures there either, famous people, hollywood starlets. I think you know where this is going.
mensmaximus, Jan 02 2005

       "I think you know where this is going"   

       you are giving me too much credit... what are you talking about?
DadManWalking, Jan 02 2005

       oh... snipe sniping snipping?   

       I am a terrible speller but I got this one right...
DadManWalking, Jan 02 2005

       Clones don't eat.
mensmaximus, Jan 02 2005


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