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Have You Seen My Dog?

Hours of Pet Fun
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Each player wanders the streets with a dog leash, going up to people now and again asking them 'Have you seen my dog?'

Most people will say no - but every now and then someone will say 'Yes!' and point you towards a dog somewhere. Once a dog is found you put it on your leash and take it to an organised 'base', where the dog is safely kept. The only real rule is that you cant take a dog back to the base unless it has been found through means of directly asking the question to someone 'have you seen my dog?'. This prevents you being accused of stealing.

At the end of the game the person with the most dogs wins.

Hilarity entails as the real owners then wander the streets asking 'Have you seen my dog?' - confusing people as to whether they are really looking for their pet or are also playing this new game.

benfrost, Apr 08 2001

Starting A Guide Dog Collection Starting_20A_20Guide_20Dog_20Collection
this can be played with guide dogs also [benfrost, Apr 29 2005]

Spoken word video of the above Idea http://www.youtube....watch?v=HOIv4wq3x90
spoken word by ben frost @ pet cemetary at the oxford art factory, feb 7th 2008 [benfrost, Feb 12 2008]


       I do this enough as a Jack Russell owner that you'd have to work really hard to prove to me that it could be fun.....
Susen, Apr 08 2001

       Twinkle has puppies right now....can I sign you (Peter) up for a boy or girl..... $50 deposit will hold until weaning. I believe in sharing the insanity.
Susen, Apr 08 2001

       Have you seen my wife?
thantox, Apr 08 2001

       Does your dog bite?
; º )
beauxeault, Apr 09 2001

       sounds entertaining, although wandering the streets with a dog lead around your own neck contains a lot more fun, should you enjoy scaring the "normal" portion of the universe.
giddy_angel, Apr 12 2001


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