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Grocery Store Challenge

You want to buy some candy? It's right up there, atop this sheer cliff face...
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A grocery store that encourages healthy eating habits and/or strenuous exercise - by requiring you to overcome certain physical challenges to retrieve items that aren't so good for you. So the fresh organic veggies would be easy to reach, right there on the ground level - but reaching the sugarcoated breakfast cereals would require, say, climbing a rock wall or moving several heavy objects out of the way. Not sure how one would handle, say, aged or handicapped shoppers - that's why this is only semibaked. And I bet that some athletic folks would make big bucks retrieving donuts for the less ambitious...
smendler, Jan 23 2009

Cartman's Bylaw Cartman_27s_20ByLaw
Using random to catch up, came across this one which reminded me... [oscil8, May 13 2012]


       I don't know, it would have a market in people who know they should eat healthier, but have a difficult time remembering it while shopping.


       Of course, it might be a lot easier to decide that the 25 Calories you burned scaling the wall justifies the 1000 Calories of cookies you got for it.
MechE, Jan 23 2009

       *wheezes* These donuts better be cheap!
Spacecoyote, Jan 23 2009

       Isn't this how giraffes evolved?
zen_tom, Jan 23 2009

       Would that be an "inconvenience store"... (G Larsen)
jonnicee, Jan 23 2009

       + I like it, as it would certainly make me think twice if I wanted something, or else I'd really be burning the calories I needed to.
...or I'd be eating more veggies ;)
xandram, Jan 23 2009

       I wouldn't shop in this grocery store without a 10-foot pole :)
phundug, Jan 23 2009

       You would think that would kind of be a sort of self regulating system but people find ways. People get so fat that they have to break down walls to get them to the hospital or in the extra large coffin. Somehow you would think that not going out the door would make their eating habits more controlable. there are always those healty enablers probably even among the rock climbing set of people. Maybe if you require the person who fetches something to eat it on the spot but not leave the store with it?
MercuryNotMars, Jan 23 2009

       Maybe if you had the isles marked by "X - Y inches waist line allowed" with grocery polizei making "random" spot checks.
MikeD, Jan 24 2009

       well, you could start by putting the parking lot two blocks away.
r_kreher, Jan 24 2009

       and you could have big flatscreen tvs running inspirational dvds. Jack La Lane and such. Old Bay Watch reruns. Rocky clips. (eye of the tiger)   

       Try to make it the place where I and my really buff friends and international models shop, hang out, and work part time.
r_kreher, Jan 24 2009

       You are really good hearted.. You want to do good to humanity. But at the hands of people, the rules would probably reverse, namely healthy food getting the challenges. Ahh just give them what they want and you'll be happier my friend.
xkuntay, Jan 26 2009

       I'm really the lone fishboner on this? Fine, you all can climb your cliffs to get donuts, I can get them at the coffee stand anyway.
phundug, Jan 27 2009

       We've moved the coffee stand to aisle 900.
Spacecoyote, Jan 28 2009


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