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Cartman's ByLaw

Require ice cream vans to keep moving at 5mph while open for business
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Making kids run round the block to get their confectionery would offer a highly targeted exercise program providing greatest benefit to those who need it most.
oscil8, Jan 30 2003


       It can possibly have packs of angry dogs chasing it so the kids have to run all the way home after they buy the ice cream?
notme, Jan 30 2003

       Make sure the kids pay before the ice-cream is handed over. Then you can take them three times round the block, otherwise they lose their money, MUHWAHAHAHAHAHA !   

       Suggested alternative category: Public:Evil.   

       You could have ice cream freezer cabinets in supermarkets that run away as you approach so you have to jog after them ..........
8th of 7, Jan 30 2003

       Heh! Baba Yaga's Freezer!
DrBob, Jan 30 2003

       You will respect my authoritah!   

       Making kids catch said confectionary whilst running would offer great entertainment for the rest of us, but would probably cut down on the sales of Mr Whippy.
Zircon, Jan 30 2003

       Tell us more about these angry dogs, [notme].
8th of 7, Jan 30 2003

       But couldn't Cartman just lie down in the road in front of the truck, using his enormous Cheesy Poof-packed bulk to prevent the ice-cream man from escaping?
kropotkin, Jan 30 2003

       The runny ice cream concept could be extended to other *fast* foods: Fallen Arch Burgers, Hot-to-Trot Dogs, Winded Wendy's, etc.
FarmerJohn, Jan 30 2003

       I used to have to run down the road after the milk truck (when I forgot to leave the bottles outside). Good one [oscil8].
madradish, Jan 30 2003

       //madradish// milkbottles,how long ago was that? ok don't tell me,last time i saw/broke them was when i wore long gray/grey<sp?> socks in the UK +
skinflaps, Jan 30 2003

       No it was actually in Australia, hmm I guess it would have been around '89-'90.
madradish, Jan 31 2003

       Yep,that would be about right,i kinda miss the milkfloat,the dog use to chase it.
skinflaps, Jan 31 2003

       (madradish), same here, but in my pyjamas! Dogshit on the socks is NOT a great start to the day.
oscil8, Feb 21 2003

       (Ice Cream Truck slowly runs over Kenny at 5 mph, splitting him in half. Rats move in to feast.) You killed Kenny! YOU BASTARDS!
Cedar Park, Feb 22 2003

       i think this would be dangerous, plus it would be difficult to drive AND serve ice cream wouldnt it?
costellogroup, Jul 26 2007

       Ice cream truck operators should work in pairs anyway. Accountability and all... Just a month ago, there was a big flap over here about a registered repeat child molester who had started his own business as an ice cream truck driver. Apparently this was all perfectly legal.
ye_river_xiv, Jul 29 2007

       How about a treadmill in front of the window? Likewise for supermarket aisles with fatty/sugary foods. Healthy aisles would have treadmills going towards the food.   

       "Ok, so lets see ... you ordered aaaaaaaa double cone wiiiiiiiith a flake, aaaaand chocolate sprinkles, now, which sauce would you like, no no, don't answer yet, let me tell you about our range of 20 flavours"
marklar, Jul 30 2007

       [skinflaps] I still have my milk delivered to my door in glass bottles, from a milk float.
hippo, Jul 30 2007


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