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Ground Piano

Sorry about the crap pun.
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Sometimes you want to entertain people with your virtuoso piano playing, but you don't want to have to bring everyone inside, and you don't want to play on a pathetic little keyboard.

Help is at hand! Enter the Ground Piano! It consists of two parts. First is the playing component, which is really just a keyboard with loud speakers, and a realistic front. Attached to the back is a folded up bundle of black plastic. When the Ground Piano is switched on, it activates electromagnets in the sections of pole inside (like for a tent, but automatically sticking together).

It starts to grow. Give it a few shakes and there is a realistic full-size grand piano! You can lift the lid, and underneath view a realistic image of the inside of a piano. The speakers are positioned just under here, so that the sound will appear to emanate from inside the piano's murky depths.

Go ahead! Impress your friends! Buy the new Ground Piano today!

dbmag9, Apr 23 2006

Illustration http://www.pianoplu...yamaha-piano/a1.jpg
Proposed design. [dbmag9, Apr 23 2006]




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