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Group Off

Boycotting Discounts
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Groups of people who want to boycott specific businesses, use the group model of purchasing (like Group On) to negotiate lower prices and bulk purchasing with a competing consumer item.

For Example, the evil labor-killing magnates Koch Brothers have the following products on the market:

Angel Soft toilet paper Brawny paper towels Dixie plates, bowls, napkins and cups Mardi Gras napkins and towels Quilted Northern toilet paper Soft 'n Gentle toilet paper Sparkle napkins Vanity fair napkins Zee napkins Georgia-Pacific paper products and envelopes All Georgia-Pacific lumber and building products

The Boycott and Defeat Koch Industries Facebook group has 14,000 people "boycotting" Koch Industry products.

Instead, use these group of people to negotiate with other brands (which I am too lazy to look up) of the above products for comparably low or better prices at the same quality.

leinypoo13, Mar 05 2011


       I may be missing something. Why are they negotiating for lower prices, rather than offering to pay higher ones?
mouseposture, Mar 05 2011

       //I may be missing something. Why are they negotiating for lower prices, rather than offering to pay higher ones?   

       If this is not sarcasm...Group On has business model where companies offer significantly discounted rates to groups of people to buy a product. If enough agree, they get the good price. Here, the boycotters approach a competitor company and say "We are boycotting your competitor and we have X people. Would you be interested in giving us a group discount for your lovely product? It will: (1)help trounce your competitor, (2) we get a good deal for a comparable product.
leinypoo13, Mar 05 2011

       No, not sarcasm. It seemed suboptimal as a way of accomplishing #1, because it narrows the profit margin of Evil Koch's competitors.   

       But I think I get it now: starting with a nucleus of committed anti- Koch partisans, this might then attract less- committed, or merely bargain-hunting consumers away from Koch products. Elegant. [+]
mouseposture, Mar 05 2011

       //attract less- committed, or merely bargain-hunting consumers   

       Right. Even I want to boycott Koch Brothers, but it seems like it takes alot of what people have told me is called "self-discipline".   

       Now, if you are giving me a better deal, well, that's another thing altogether.
leinypoo13, Mar 05 2011


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