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Grow Hose

Hose that grows after planting
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Grow Hose is a biodegrading hose that you buy on a reel according to what length of garden you have.

Inside the hose are a variety of flower seeds and starter nutrients spaced out along its length. You can choose from several different mixtures of colour and shrubbery.

All you need do is dig a long trench that goes in whatever direction takes your fancy, uncoil your Grow Hose, drop in it, cover with soil and give it a sprinkle of water, add a little sun shine, then up sprouts your linear garden.

xenzag, Jan 30 2007

How to make seed balls http://www.pathtofr...ing/seedballs.shtml
[nomocrow, Jan 30 2007]

Seed Tape http://www.parkseed...1&mainPage=seedtape
Been around the better part of forever. [Galbinus_Caeli, Jan 30 2007]


       I love it.   

       There is a machine out there called a ditch witch that slices lawns while dragging plastic water lines underground behind the blade. It would make short work of running out your grow hose.   

       Brilliant, you could offer various hose types for say a vegetable garden:   

       1. Pee hose 2. carrot hose 3. bean hose 4. etc
proee, Jan 30 2007

       Vegetable trousers? Oh! *that* kind of hose!
zen_tom, Jan 30 2007

       "We've got armadillos in our trousers"
hippo, Jan 30 2007

       Why hose? Why not rope? (Grope?)
jutta, Jan 30 2007

       //Why hose? Why not rope? // - well if you can show me how to easily split open a rope the way you can a hose, stuff it with seeds spaced at various intervals, then fill the gaps with nutrients... besides isn't a grope already known to exist - heavy duty version of gstring ?
xenzag, Jan 30 2007

       Long ago they were selling mats that were preseeded. Just cut it to shape and lay it on the soil and water. I don't know if they are still on the market.
JSand, Jan 30 2007

       It would be neat if you could somehow impregnate the outside of a semiporous hose with seeds. Then you could leave one end poking out of the ground with an attacment for a standard garden hose, and you caould water everything by just turning on the water.   

       Or you could have seed balls on a line - if you used a standard creeper, it would be biodegradable.
nomocrow, Jan 30 2007

       Grope/gstring (ha. Chia Bikini?) - I was thinking that you'd lay out fibers, sprinkle them with seeds, then twist them together. But now that you've explained the hose process, it makes sense, too.   

       [admin: I'm holding off on GC's marked-for-deletion call because it took a while for someone to point out the existing product (few people knew about it), and because it is still being sold as a novelty item (the makers think it's not widely known, either) - maybe it's better known in certain geographical areas?]
jutta, Jan 30 2007

       Where my hose at?
Texticle, Jan 30 2007

       Sorry, seed tape has been around forever [marked-for-deletion] widely known.
Galbinus_Caeli, Jan 30 2007

       "why don't you grow a hose"? I thought this might be a suggestion for one accused of unmanly behavior.
bungston, Jan 30 2007


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