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Pyrotechnic planting

Plant flowers with fireworks
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Ever appreciate a formal garden? Stunning symmetrical plantings of colorful blooms, often set to bloom at different times of year, yielding an ever-changing treat for the senses.

However, what a pain to plant! All that careful measuring, mucking around with dirt, etc.

So, why not borrow from the ancient Chinese technology of pytrotechnics? Simply replace some of the explosives in an arial starburst with small packets of seeds, arranged to form beautiful, symmetric, colorful patterns.

A quick roto-till of your circular patch of terra firma, then set the rocket in the center, light the long fuse, and watch (from a safe distance!). Within seconds, your flower garden is distributed with precision (and a modicum of excitement!) A simple raking should then complete the planting, without disturbing the precision patterns. A standard rotary water sprinkler covers the lot.

Available in small (5' radius), medium (10'), large (25') and commercial (50'.) Multiple commercial units could cover acres in a symphony of blooms.

csea, Oct 20 2003

Probable Inspiration http://www.butchart...om/images/tbg21.jpg
[csea, Oct 04 2004]

Water Rockets http://users.bigpon...ys/waterrocket.html
Build your own... [csea, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Clay seed balls http://www.abc.net..../stories/s74103.htm
The perfect medium; should decrease wind drift and scorching, and increase survival. A direct replacement for star balls. No raking! [spidermother, Nov 09 2012]


po, Oct 20 2003

       eh? what else do they do? say " ew, I am a ittle firework, fizzle"   

       does that include SD? qb loves fireworks..
po, Oct 20 2003

       Aren't there some seeds that need a tad of roasting in order to germinate?   

       Sounds good to me.   

       <perchlorates in one hand, rocket nozzles in the other>"Hon, I'll be out working in the garden..."
lurch, Oct 20 2003

       Should work for fertilizing the lawn as well. If you don't mind the burnt patch in the center.
Worldgineer, Oct 20 2003

       Perhaps one could replace the incendiary aspect with CO2 cartridge(s)? or even compressed air &/or water (water rockets - see link.)   

       Probably use water rocket technology to get the seeds up a few tens/hundred meters, then barometric or timed release of CO2 to distribute the seeds. Not as pretty as fireworks, but probably safer and legal.   

       Wernher Von Appleseed?
csea, Oct 20 2003

       FIRE LIlLY IN THE HOLE! <scurries for cover>   

       Nice first idea, [csea]. Welcome to the bakery. (WTAGIPBAN)
krelnik, Oct 21 2003

       Thanks! I missed a great pun in my last line. Should have been:   

       "Multiple commercial units could cover acres in a symphony of b(l)ooms."
csea, Oct 21 2003

       + although I don't think I'd want to be around when Worldgineer is fertilizing
Lacus Trasumenus, Mar 17 2004

       I assume you would match the colours of the blooms to the booms, and order/scale the timing, so the flowers recapitulate the fireworks display over a period of months rather than minutes.
spidermother, Nov 09 2012

       Darn it! I missed posting on my tenth anniversary on the HB, but here's wishing you all continued brilliant halfbaking as I celebrate the day +1 !
csea, Oct 22 2013


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