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Literal Book Shelf

Literal books, eh?
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Not wanting to dispose of my set of encyclopedia from the soviet era, and not wanting to use up scarce shelf space to store them, there was very little I could do.

Very little, that is, until the Literal Book Shelf hit the market!

The Literal Book Shelf are special brackets that attach to the hard cover of a book - that mount the book to a wall parallel to the floor, spine facing out - which turns a book into shelf space!

Keep your literature on a Book Shelf today - literally!

cuckoointherye, Nov 16 2004

Jim Rosenau's "Second Editions" http://thisintothat...secondeditions.html
A Berkeley artist is making book shelves out of books. (The shelf itself and the support struts are made out of books.) They're pretty, and often the titles together make some ironical point about the books' collective subject. I saw his work at a local art show. [jutta, Nov 16 2004]


       can u still read your shelf if u wanted to?
benfrost, Nov 16 2004

       Stop thinking about your shelf.
cuckoointherye, Nov 16 2004

       I can sea the litoral book shelf saving me a lot of space.
normzone, Nov 16 2004

       Beautifully logical [+]
wagster, Nov 16 2004

       Re link: now that's my kind of art. I like that.
half, Nov 16 2004


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