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Guerrilla Ferry Wedding

Don’t pay big bucks for a church.
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Have a scenic wedding cruise for just the cost of a ferry ticket. Find a ferry that takes about an hour or more. It should have a large lounge area. Just have every one meet at the ferry dock. Drive on board and then once the ship leaves setup for the wedding. The caterer and dj could setup during the vows
duroncrush, Feb 01 2004

Same idea? http://www.studiocp...ocations/skansonia/
A Seattle area ferry that apparently caters to weddings if you are willing to leave your car dockside and agree to be photographed in suspicious headwear. [jurist, Oct 04 2004]


       Whoever your girlfriend is, I wouldn't tell her your wedding plans until 'after' she accepts and you have a date set, ok?
Klaatu, Feb 01 2004


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