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Fallback Marriage Contracts

You and a close friend make an aggreement, by a particular date, to get married if not already married.
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Who wants to be alone forever? I don't know anyone who actual believes that they do. To share your life with a special person is everyone's dream. But if you're getting up there in the years..past that ripe marriage age...why not make a fallback arrangement?! Grab a single friend...best friends are extraordinary for this arrangement. Talk about what you want out of life..relationship related. Then make an agreement to set a date. Write the contract with whatever clauses you feel necessary. Who knows you better than your best friend?! I've been trying to figure out what to write in mine for a while now. It's a great thing..makes you feel loved, secure about the future..and not so lonely after all.
Breault, Mar 31 2003

My Best Friend's Wedding (1997) http://us.imdb.com/Details?0119738
This is just the most recognizable title on the list of probably a hundred movies and shows that have done this plotline. [krelnik, Oct 04 2004]


       But then there's the teen-movie thing that happens when one friend falls in love with the other but they're in love with someone else. also, what happens if one gets married but the other doesn't? or they have a falling out? i reserve my vote until you've fleshed this out a bit.
igirl, Mar 31 2003

       Common theme in a lot of tv shows and movies. They did it in Friends, for one - on two seperate occasions. Fishbone.
sambwiches, Mar 31 2003

       What a stupid reason to get married... 'cos you couldn't find anyone else.
waugsqueke, Mar 31 2003


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