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Guerrilla Weddings

For procrastinating couples
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Has your significant other promised you'll be married eventually, but refused to set a date? Have you been engaged for so long you can't remember whether or not he/she was joking?

Just call the toll free number (or visit the website) to set a place and time when your boyfriend or girlfriend will be out. Suddenly, out from whatever hiding places are available, jumps you and the wedding party. The minister says the words, you grab him, kiss, slap the ring on him. An attorney presents the marriage contract (you shouldn't have much trouble getting him to sign if you've planned things right). He's a husband before he knows what hit 'im.

(The wedding cake would have to be replaced by custard pies; they fly better.)

Coming soon: guerrilla divorce. Hey, I never said it was perfect.

Ana Byrd, Oct 21 2003

Aristotle's take .. http://www.halfbake...Enriched_20Weddings
[po, Oct 04 2004]

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       Isn't this pretty much the same thing as visiting Las Vegas?
DrCurry, Oct 21 2003

       Perhaps, but then you have to get him on the plane first (unless you live there).
Ana Byrd, Oct 25 2003

       Isn't a shotgun wedding when one of the parties of the relationship is pregnant (usually the woman) and the man is then forced by the father of the girl to marry her by using a very convincing shotgun. Then througout the ceremony, Old Farmer Henkle stands there with his shotgun aimed at the grooms balls (or any other place) until the ceremony is over and they are officially married. That's what i always thought was a shotgun wedding anyway. this idea is similar but i'm assuming no one is pregnant in the scenario
Mind_Boggle, Oct 25 2003


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