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Guess your weight, now you dont have to

Big or small i have the solution for you
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A new or used car would be programed to know its static weight. Every time its new owner got in the car on the instrument panel it would read 2300pds plus whatever that person weighs. The system would be intuitive so it would account for people adding heavy items or more that one person in the car. This way every person would be reminded of how much they weigh. Its perfect for people just coming out of the gym or people trying to put on a few pounds such as myself. It would be even more effective on the majority of the population who could stand to lose a few pounds. Its also ideal for that 18 year old who needs to slim down from lets say 115 too 110. Now a hefty person can claim dissability and have a handicapped parking permit. Which to me seems utterly absurd. Shouldnt is be if your overweight you should have to park as far away from burger king as possible?. This way no one could avoid their weight cause everywhere they go it would be staring them right in the face.
10clock, Apr 27 2005


       Would it be easier to put some sort of pressure transducers in the seats?
half, Apr 27 2005

       another reminder to ditch the car and take a walk... Good idea.
DrMann, Apr 27 2005

       Honey, did you fill the gas tank with lead shot again?   

       Current seat pressure transducer technology is used to detect the presence, rough guess the weight, and general sitting position of the occupant, for use with the stage 2 airbag system and to try and detect a child's seat. It maxes out above a certain threshold for a small adult, as the data's simply not needed.
RayfordSteele, Apr 29 2005

       " .... fill the gas tank with lead shot again? "
Umm. No. I must have left the dog in the car.

       What if ATMs were fronted with scales?
reensure, Apr 29 2005

       this would use the cars shocks to measure weight
10clock, May 02 2005

       not really pertinent to the idea, but Rayfordsteele's annotation reminds me of the accident my Significant other was in this past winter. Her 2003 Hyundai hit a snowplow (the cop wrecked on his way to the scene, road conditions were AWFULL) and the pasenger-side air-bags didn't deploy...there was nothing in the seat to trip the occupant sensor. This technology should be easy to modify for the purposes of 10clock's idea.
Jawzx, May 02 2005

       //Shouldnt is be if your overweight you should have to park as far away from burger king as possible?// Almost a bun for this astute observation.

But [-] for (a) impracticability ("Hey, I may have run the tank dry and used up all my screenwash, but by golly I've lost 34 pounds!") and
(b)for continued crimes against apostrophes.
Basepair, May 02 2005

       How about scales in your shoes?   

       On a long run you could hear the pounds slowly counting down.   

       Every time I drive my car instead of walking I know I'm not getting any thinner, a scale would only help remind me of my rare bits of laziness.
Giblet, May 02 2005


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