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Liquor Cabinet Scale

Thief detection
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How do you keep your children/nanny/visitors from poaching your booze? You could put a lock on the cabinet, but that's so… classless. It implies you don't trust people. Well, of course you don't, but you don't want them to know that.

Instead, you put your alcoholic beverages in a specially designed cabinet with a scale on the bottom. Open the hidden panel and enter your code to display the current weight of the cabinet's contents. You can set the tare weight as well, which will let you know if the weight increases or decreases since the last time you reset it. That way, if someone removes some of your liquor and replaces it with the equivalent amount of water, you're sure to find out since water and liquor don't weigh the same.

ytk, Mar 23 2014


       That's what the tare weight is for. Since you have to put in a code to display the weight or adjust the tare weight, you'll know if the weight has changed because it will display a non-zero weight.
ytk, Mar 23 2014

       But what do you do once you have found out someone has stolen an ounce of scotch? There should be some sort of torture included.
blissmiss, Mar 23 2014

       Ah, memories - my lockpick in training buddy having a go at my other buddies liquor cabinet while the 'rents were out...What was in the cabinet was junk, but it was the triumph that made our quick cocktail taste good.
normzone, Mar 24 2014

       //Why not require a code to open the cabinet?//   

       I think I addressed this in the idea—having a lock on your liquor cabinet is a sign of low breeding, as though you can't *afford* to have your Louis XIII cognac pilfered. But also, it's much more satisfying to obtain incontrovertible evidence by overly elaborate means and then bide your time until you can precisely and definitively exact your revenge, than to simply lock the buggers out.
ytk, Mar 24 2014

       Bah, any well-practiced Indiana Jones impersonator could defeat this with a sack of sand.   

       I expect the triggering of a large rolling stone that the famed archaeologist has somehow heretofore not managed to notice.
RayfordSteele, Mar 24 2014


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