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Guitar Zero

Guitar training with negative reinforcement
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Quite simple really; an extension of the popular game Guitar Hero, with a real, but modified guitar.

The frets are wired to a Ruhmkorf coil, via a high-voltage multiplexer, controlled by the games console.

All wrong frets are energised in synchronisation with the soundtrack, so if the player hits a bum note, s/he soon knows about it.

coprocephalous, Nov 12 2009

"Throught the Fire and the Flames" by Dragonforce http://www.youtube....watch?v=BplIrU1Sdtc
Regarded as some to be the toughest song to play on Guitar Hero. [Jinbish, Nov 12 2009]


       Guitar Nero - Fiddle the right notes and watch Rome burn.
theleopard, Nov 12 2009

       Man alive. Let only the brave or the electrically immune try to play "Through the Fire and the Flames" on Expert.
Jinbish, Nov 12 2009

       //Throught the Fire and the Flames//
//Regarded as some to be the toughest song to play on Guitar Hero//
...and the toughest to spell!
MikeOliver, Nov 12 2009

       //...and the toughest to spell!//
//Throught// ***BUZZZZZZZ***

       Ow! That really hirt!
Jinbish, Nov 12 2009


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