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New concepts
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Some new ideas for building guitar or bass microphones. See link.
lbop, Nov 04 2009

The author's designs. http://www.jpbourge...tar/protomicros.htm
Mostly in French, but maybe some of you can make sense of it, your ability to make nonsense of it having been sufficiently demonstrated. [jutta, Nov 04 2009]


WcW, Nov 04 2009

       I think more someone who's forgotten to actually add the link, and doesn't realize that halfbakery doesn't quite work well as a showcase. I've sent email and asked.
jutta, Nov 04 2009

       No, you're thinking of SUVs or utes, [IT].   

       I liked the link.
coprocephalous, Nov 04 2009

       I have a pet rook who gets left at home each day while I'm out at work. He's intelligent, and gets bored easily when left on his own. Fortunately, I can call him for a chat at lunchtime using my crow phone.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 04 2009

       A microphone with strings? Neat.
skinflaps, Nov 04 2009

       My brother Michael is a superb oarsman. I miss him when he goes out on the river, so I gave him a mobile so we can keep in touch.   

       I call it the Mike Row Phone.
jtp, Nov 04 2009

       Now that winter's approaching outdoor gigs are getting a bit chillier and the mics tend to get cold, so I've made a little wooly ruff for each mic in order to keep it cosy. Sadly, although I still have mic ruffs two through to eleven, I seem to have mislaid mic ruff one.
wagster, Nov 04 2009

       Presumably they come in a case, each with an alotted space, a mic ruff home, if you will.
coprocephalous, Nov 04 2009

       Absolutely. I treasure these ruffs so much that I have built a tiny flightcase for them, lined with micro-foam.
wagster, Nov 04 2009

       You could also wear them on your fingers when you're not using them on the mics.
skinflaps, Nov 04 2009

wagster, Nov 04 2009

       In the year 1099 (MIC), Roland the Brief, known to his friends as "Ro"...
hippo, Nov 04 2009

       I think someone's takin' the mic
Dub, Nov 04 2009

       ...the vertically challenged?
pocmloc, Nov 04 2009

       It is a little known fact that the inventor of amplified speech was a clan of highland cattle raiders in the 16th century. They used to communicate with neighboring clans using the natural acoustic effects of the steep sided valleys. The technique was named after the clan, who descended from a notorious thief and brigand - they were of course the clan McRuffian
pocmloc, Nov 04 2009

       [pocmloc], I think you'll find he was french
Dub, Nov 04 2009

       [Ian] - Stop Carrion. With such puns you'll be Hooded for a Murder.
Jinbish, Nov 04 2009

       I strongly suggest taking a look at jutta's link. The page begins "Théorie (pour les teigneux, vicieux et matheux) Theory (for the nasty, curious and vicious)" and gets weirder, ending in a diagram for an impossible microphone which seems to have been designed by M.C. Escher. In the middle there is some stuff about a humbucking guitar pickup from 1956 called the "BuggyWooggie".   

       For added crazyness, hit the babelfish button at the top left and get it translated into unhinged English.
wagster, Nov 05 2009

       How that which with the solution writes to me, it gained!
shudderprose, Nov 05 2009

       Can you have a pickup touching the string without affecting the note?
wjt, Nov 05 2009


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