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Gum Bar

Would Sir Like Another Chew?
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This is a bar that serves boutique chewing gum. A wide selection of local and international flavours are available -wrapped individually or served in packets - each on small silver trays served upon ordering from the chewing menu.

But where to dispose of your used gum? Specially designed chew-trays (that are regularly changed by appropriately uniformed bar staff) are located on the underside of every table.

benfrost, Nov 22 2004

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       No, no. The gum would all be stuck in one place, forming a multi-colored dynamic sculpture.
MatrixFrog, Dec 31 2004

       I love gum from Japan.
Vegan_Princess, Sep 09 2006

       ...bug chewing gum is designed to last a long time without being consumed. Thus, your customers will more likely just sit there and chew and not buy much, wheras a drink-bar has consumable comodity that the person will leave after consuming or buy another one to be able to stay...   

       What about jelly beans?
jong-scx, Sep 10 2006


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