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Its Your Birthday Clubnight

go shaznay its ya birthday, go ely its ya birthday........
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Basically you set up a club night called its your birthday - the name of the game or whatever you want to call it is that people come to your night and celebrate a birthday (theirs or one of their mates) - birthday parties or nights when you celebrate a birthday are far superior to just other nights when you go out and if your club night is monthly then the chances of someone having a birthday near to the date of your night is v high - plus you always play that Its your birthday booty tune = everyone ha
king chay, Dec 18 2001


king chay, Dec 18 2001

       It's a sign of the times they are a'changing turn and face the music and dance and shout about it's not unusual to have fun with anyone's a winner baby that's the truth is in your eyes tell it all cried out side winder sleeps tonight's the night we're gonna make it happen I've seen you before somewhere over the rainbow skies are blue suede shoes

shoes! ah...
lewisgirl, Dec 18 2001

       Punctuation, king chay. Punctuation! Everybody say "Yeah!".
DrBob, Dec 18 2001

lewisgirl, Dec 18 2001

       touch me once and I'll kill you know it's true blue baby I love Paris in the springtime when the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie pie miss american bye walk on by if you see me walking down the street where you live...
lewisgirl, Dec 18 2001

       yeah its not my birthday and I don't know anyone called shaznay not even with a capital s - i also think you'll find clubs already exist that cater for birthdays and other celebrations - mind the last birthday celebration i was at the birthday girl came over all moody and refused to go to a club at all so I would have to disagree that birthdays are the best party nights theres too many emotions and feelings and shit going on like still we had a cool nite without the birthday girl so it might work yeah ha ugh googoogaga
pottedstu, Dec 18 2001

lewisgirl, Dec 18 2001

       You can eat free at Denny's if you can prove it's your birthday (for what it's worth).   

       I'll add my "Yeah" and a croissant for the birthday party idea.
TeaTotal, Dec 18 2001

       ...hopelessly devoted to you are my sunshine my only for a moments magic moments when we are together again lets go round maybe we'll turn back the hands of time flies like the wind fruit flies like bananas daylight come and I wanna go now before you see me cry we've already said (dum dum, da dum dum, da dum dum) WIAAAYE do you build me up buttercup baby just to let it be let it be my be my be my pretty baby my one and only for a while you're gone with the winds of change change changedy changey pops that's the way it should be-ee wah-oo "Yeah!"
lewisgirl, Dec 18 2001

       (off topic) Blissmiss - western Mass (in the hills)
TeaTotal, Dec 18 2001

       Tea, you forgot the exclamation mark in your "Yeah!"
lewisgirl, Dec 18 2001

       Is the fact that around 1/3 of the annotations were posted by UnaBubba a side-effect of the idea being so surreal, or the cause of the idea's surreal nature?
cp, Dec 18 2001

       lg-Sorry - "Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Makes me want to shout..............." Got carried away there.   

       bliss - It's a small world, after all.
TeaTotal, Dec 18 2001

       ...position of the fortnight I got friends in low places where the whiskey don't taste like it used to be mine all mine of dark secrets and lies sweet little lies around all day drinking and sayin' he's my baby love my baby I believe the children are our future teach them well i heard it through the grapevine not much but I know I'll be your always on my mindless rambling through the desert of a clowning around on a sunny afternoon in the summertime and the living is easy tiger tiger burning bright through the forests of the night time is the right time to paaaaarty
lewisgirl, Dec 18 2001

       ride on time warp again ice ice baby and the beat goes on and the beat hits now and you know it's gonna be the right time my move it like a virgin (ooh!) touched for the very first cut is the deepest first i was afraid I was petrified kept thinking I could never live without you there'd be no sun in my sky there would be no words are such silly things when the dog bites when the bee stings when I feeling sad I simply red are really crap and so are deacon blue on blue heartache on hearts and bones dem bones dem dry ol' river I'm going to Graceland Graceland Memphis Tennessee and poor boys and children and families and we are sailing we are sailing cross the water of life oh life uh huh
lewisgirl, Dec 18 2001

       This all makes me feel more like I do now.
bristolz, Dec 18 2001

       Woke up this mornin' ain't got no funky chicken in my hands it's my bong whirl and twirl stand up for your gong bang a dove bang a dove lowrider scuse me while I hold your hand wandering star we all live in sin city the world is a ghetto why can't we be slippin into darkness under a blood red corvette
thumbwax, Dec 18 2001

       And then I said(pprt)(KKrrK)Too bad about Victor Borge(KKrrk)(pptp)
entremanure, Dec 19 2001

       May to September and in her heart the cold December frosty winds made moan earth stood hard as iron water like cherubim and seraphim Hallelujah and he shall reign for ever and ever so quietly fah la la la lah, la la la larrrhhhhh. I don't want you to work all day but I want you to be true and I just wanna make a little birdhouse in your soul not to put too fine a point on it's all I need me need me need me yeah in the gardens of Milan in the deserts of Sudan in the something else of Kazakhstan hit me hit me hit me baby one more time Oooh how was I supposed to know that something stupid like I lurrrrve you you know I'd stand in line up roll up for the most magical mystery tour through these mist covered mountains are home now for me but my home is the low road and I'll take the high road and I would walk five hundred miles and I would walk five hundred more just a little bit ooh ah a little bit more more more howdo ya like it how do ya like it's starlight can you hear it oh baby starlight.
lewisgirl, Dec 19 2001

       Homeless, homeless Moonlight sleeping on a midnight lake fly me to the moon and let me dream among the stars let me see whatja knowing I've come to watch your flowers growin aintcha got a little rhythm ba dabba dabbee doo! woooooo! woooooo! I was lying in my bed I couldn't have been no more Than one for the money two for the show me the meaning of being lonely show me We've all got our own funny moods I've got mine, woman you've got yours too many broken hearts in this world in motion we gotta go now go now go now before you see me cry cry cry now
lewisgirl, Dec 20 2001

       now and then she kissed me like I'd never been to me a strange thing mystifying that a man like you would waste his thyme remember me to the one who lives there she once twice three times a lady tonight luck be a lady tonight tonight our lives will change ch-ch-changes turn and face the music and dancing dancing in the streets O-woo-oo there'll be music sweet soul music of the nightlight spelled L-I-T-E my story of a man named Jed poor country roads take me home alabama lord I'm coming home to you sweets for my sweets, sugar for my honey-pie your are driving me crazy crazy like a coconut have a kazoo let's have a duel and when I count three is the magic number yes it is it's the magic magic it's a kind of magic
Guy Fox, Dec 20 2001

       …mills of your mind that axe, Eugene genie with the light brown hair it hung over her shoulder, tied up with a black velvet band on the run, run, run for the hills are alive with the sound of silence is golden brown, texture like a rolling stone free to do what ever you want, whatever you are my sunshine, my only the lonely this Christmas, without you to hold back the night, turn out the light my fire, come on baby love, my baby love is the drugs and rock and roll out the barrel…
DrBob, Dec 20 2001

       Her name is Rio and she dances on the sand.
iuvare, Dec 20 2001

       which one will you still love me tomorrow tomorrow I luv ya tomorrow it's only you can make this world seem bright eyes burning like fire great balls of fire down below low low and it burns burns burns uptown girl you've been living on a prayer take my hand and we're halfway there must be an angel playing with my heart...
lewisgirl, Dec 21 2001

       yeah, bub, I think we can stop now. I had fun though. I hope [king chay] doesn't let this affect his psyche too much.
lewisgirl, Dec 23 2001

       twinkle twinkle little bat........   

       CLEAN CUP! MOVE DOOOWN!!!!!!   

       "Take some more tea," the March Hare said to Alice, very earnestly. "I've had nothing yet," Alice replied in an offended tone, "so I can't take more." "You mean you can't take "less"," said the Hatter: "it's very easy to take *more* than nothing." "Nobody asked *your* opinion," said Alice. "Who's making personal remarks now?" the Hatter asked triumphantly...
Doc Kim Vengeance, Nov 19 2002

       If I could strain the self congratulation out of this page I could make a fortune on the self help circuit.
Ludwig, Nov 19 2002

       This is quite possible the worst idea I’ve ever heard. Worse than the 'jump to conclusions' mat.
thejini, May 21 2004

       "Where do you wanna go on your birthday?"
"Let's go to 'It's Your Birthday'"
"What's that?"
"A club where the dj has all the birthday related hits since the beginning of recorded music, up to the present day. He plays the same birthday songs every single night, but it's always a different crowd because it's always someone else's birthday. Then once an hour, everyone sings happy birthday. They decorate with crepe paper streamers and 'Happy Birthday' signs every night, and they specialize in beautifully decorated cakes. They hang newspaper clippings and magazine covers from this date in history, so you can see what was happening on the day you were born. They hang photos of all the celebrities born on that date. They even have celebrity impersonators come in and mingle. That aspect of the decorations is different every single night. There's no better place to celebrate a birthday!"
robinism, Feb 16 2005

       Hey, happy birthday, you big ole Sagittarius you. (Did they let you out without posting bail?)
blissmiss, Dec 15 2009

       A green plastic watering can for a fake chinese rubber plant In the fake plastic earth, that she bought from a rubber man in a town full of rubber plans to get rid of itself, and It wears her out. She lives with a broken man, a cracked polystyrene man who just crumbles and burns, he used to do surgery on girls in the eighties, but gravity always wins, and it wears him out. She looks like the real thing, she tastes like the real thing, my fake plastic love. I can't help the feeling, I could blow through the ceiling, if I just turn and run, and it wears me out. If I could be who you wanted all the time.
canoro, Dec 15 2009


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