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Explosion of jiggly flavour, in a fun, chewy package.
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Everyone loves gummi bears. Everone's enjoyed biting the heads off of those little chewy bundles of joy (well, I like to bite those heads off). And for some weird reason, they still don't get caught in your teeth!
Now just imagine that with everyone else's favourite dessert: That bouncy, slurpy, refreshing, juicy... that almost, but not quite solid, stuff in a bowl that you wish you could have more of.
Now think of this:
Liquid jello injected into a giant empty cube made of that gummi-bear stuff, then refrigerated and left to jello-fy INSIDE that cube! Even better, make that gummi stuff shaped like something else, like maybe a BIG bear, or other kinds of cute, edible animals. And with all those different colours of gummi-bears, and all those flavours of jello, the combinations are endless. I think they'd make for good dinner-table bouncy balls too.
sheekeebut, Sep 01 2001


       In my youth, I briefly helped with the layout for a chemistry student magazine. Its editor-in chief poured considerable energy into creating giant gummi bears.   

       He'd melt lots of little gummi bears (they grow quite a lot as they dissolve in water - if you've never done this, put one in water now and look at the glass again tomorrow), pour that mixture into a large bear-shaped pudding form, let it set, and out popped one perfect, appealingly wobbly gigantic gummi bear.   

       Over the following week, we'd then invariably watch that wobbly shape shrivel into a hard, thin gummi bear skeleton as the water evaporated from the gummi mixture.   

       Apparently it's hard to stabilize this stuff. It did perform well as a very durable kind of hair gel, though.
jutta, Sep 01 2001, last modified Sep 02 2001

       are these things jelly babies?
po, Sep 08 2001

       We now have giant Kit Kat bars. Why not a whole range of giant sweets ? I'm thinking of wine gums the size of saucers here .... uh , what was that noise ? Oh, yes, I know ... it was my pancreas, shrivelling up to a little greyish-black wizend thing from glucose overload ....
8th of 7, Jun 17 2002


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