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Gun adhesive

Encourages perserverence
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Apply directly to the firearm.
tatterdemalion, Oct 09 2013


Alterother, Oct 09 2013

blissmiss, Oct 09 2013

       If this is a "cold, dead hands" joke we are unimpressed.
normzone, Oct 10 2013

       This might be the single most brilliant idea ever posted to the Halfbakery. It's not, but it might be.
ytk, Oct 10 2013

       Stick'em up?
AusCan531, Oct 10 2013

       Close... stick to your guns.   

       Reviews are in. "This might be the single most brilliant idea ever posted to the Halfbakery." - ytk
tatterdemalion, Oct 10 2013

       Get a grip...   

       Solvent could be applied to the gunked-up mechanism and the weapon could be refurbished.   

       It's much more effective to remove the firing pin and spike the barrel.
the porpoise, Oct 10 2013

       A sure remedy for loose cannons, mayhap ...
8th of 7, Oct 10 2013

       Get the to a gunnery
theircompetitor, Oct 10 2013

       This is beginning to bore.
8th of 7, Oct 10 2013

       I guess if the plot line of the movie never calls for reloading, it might be ok.
lurch, Oct 10 2013

       yes, certainly a sticky situation, but it's not like I call the shots.
theircompetitor, Oct 10 2013

       Barreling right along here, what a site.
normzone, Oct 10 2013

       "What goes a round, comes a round" would be the stock answer.
8th of 7, Oct 10 2013

       There must be a tacky butt joke in there somewhere... I just can't quite stick my finger on it.   

       Bear in mind that butt jokes often have a checkered history, which you would realise if you had any foresight.
8th of 7, Oct 10 2013

       Well, that seems to have cleared the chamber.
Alterother, Oct 11 2013

       I was rifling through my gun jokes...
not_morrison_rm, Oct 11 2013

       Presumably you have a range of them ?
8th of 7, Oct 11 2013

       Have you checked in Maggie's drawers?
Alterother, Oct 11 2013

       Yes, do be careful or you'll end up taking a bermanent vacation.
Alterother, Oct 11 2013

       This is not what I was shooting for, but I'll take it.
tatterdemalion, Oct 11 2013

       Involuntary semi-automatic response goes here. On second thought, I'll just read my magazine.
normzone, Oct 11 2013

       well, the good news is that when you run short of ammunition, you can always use it as a club
theircompetitor, Oct 11 2013

       yes, I had that movie in my sights too
theircompetitor, Oct 11 2013

       The scope of this posting might need to be capped. It seems to be obscured by some kind of black powder. What a ball...
normzone, Oct 11 2013

       pun infestation [+]
Voice, Oct 11 2013

       Does that call for pun control?
normzone, Oct 12 2013

       Get your puns off of me, you damn dirty apes!
Alterother, Oct 12 2013

       Go ahead, pun, make my day.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 12 2013

       "Punfight at the HB Corral"…
8th of 7, Oct 12 2013


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