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flavored paste

because they're eating it any way
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Probably baked and burned but search didn't have it . Flavored paste for elementary school students , comes in a variety of flavors like mint ,bubblegum ,cotton candy etc., brandy and vodka for the teachers when the kiddies get on your nerve .safe to eat but still retains properties of plain white glue .
slapdash loser, Mar 07 2004


       I still prefer the original flavor best. But, great idea [+]
Klaatu, Mar 07 2004

       Create a fast food restaurant that serves paste. Ads for job-seekers could say "come work in a fast paste environment."
bristolz, Mar 07 2004

       [bristolz], ouch.   

       Very, very, very strange. Something caused me to think of this exact thing some time in the last day or two.   

       (edit: now I remember...the guy on The Screen Savers was eating Elmer's glue when Yoshi made a cardboard PC case.)
half, Mar 07 2004


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