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Gunge Palace

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You remember in kid's game shows they had that strange, unidentifiable substance called gunge? I, personally, always wanted to experience this phenomenom but, alas, never got the chance. For all those poor souls like me out there how about a gunge palace, like a water palace? Gunge slides, gunge shoots, gunge pools with gunge-wave machines, diving boards into deep pools of gunge. There could be different rooms with different colours in and shower tunnels between them to stop them from mixing.

No custard in sight.

harderthanjesus, Aug 18 2004


       Plus you could pee in the pool and get away with it!
dobtabulous, Aug 18 2004

       Sweet. This could be a lot more fun than a water park. By messing with the viscosity of the gunge different slides and pools could be given different properties.
stilgar, Aug 22 2005


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