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Fat Dipping

Like Skinny Dipping, Except, Well Actually Nothing Like It.
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This would be vaguely a cross between a swimming competition and a weight-lifting one. Obviously this is something that the olympic scouts would want to be watching out for for a new event.

The competitor would have to swim a set distance (say 50m for lengths sake). Everyone who completed this would then be forced to don an item of clothing that would weigh them down (Each competitor's item would be the same weight and shape).

This would continue with more items of clothing being added, adding to the weight and decreasing the swimmer's area of movement, until there is only one swimmer remaining.

hidden truths, Aug 02 2005


       Most excellent.   

       In keeping with the traditions of school swimming lessons, the staring garment would have to be pyjamas.   

       I take it the garment imprisoned non-moving swimmers would be left bobbing about in the pool, like Pavarotti bouys.
calum, Aug 02 2005

       I would be happy to dip a golden french fry (fried in beef tallow!) in a tub of blue cheese dressing. Right now.
bungston, Aug 02 2005

       <Stuart Hall>"..AND HERE COME THE BELGIANS!!!"</SH>
gnomethang, Aug 02 2005

       <Stuart Hall> hee, hee, hah,hah, heee, hee!"</SH>   

       <falls on floor laughing>
po, Aug 02 2005


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