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Instead of the one Gun the give u have many for each weapon
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Having a shotgun, for a shotgun, minigun for a minigun would make more sense on the arcade shooters which only have the pistol.
Squizzi, Jun 22 2003


       //make more sense//
thumbwax, Jun 22 2003

       I think that Squizzi wants arcade shooter games that use decoy pistols (light-pens?) for targeting to use the type of gun shown in the game. I doubt that many 9-year-olds can lift and aim a minigun-sized replica.
Cedar Park, Jun 22 2003

       My take: [Squizzi] is trying to write that, in arcade games there is only one physical weapon shape used by the player to shoot with yet there are several different types of guns presented in the game. He, or she, would like it better if there were separate physical weapon shapes available to pick up and use when the gun type is changed by the game. At least, I *think* that is the point being made.
bristolz, Jun 23 2003

       [Cedar] - That's a bit unfair on nine-year-olds.
sild, Jun 23 2003

       [Cedar] I'd say, more 8 and a half than 9.
silverstormer, Jun 23 2003

       If Squizzi means what bristolz says then this might be quite fun...   

       Oh **** here comes a tank (scrabbles around for the rocket launcher)
Although probably most people would end up playing it multiplayer.
Or some little kid would come along and fire off all your rockets at seagulls or something.
Loris, Jun 23 2003

       Poor expression indeed. In a forum of ideas, it's critical to be able to express them clearly.   

       I know where your frustration comes from, the sights and construction of arcade firearms stink. While it would fall under the 'neat' category, it would also fall under the Extremely Expensive category. If you're looking for even more realism, instead of having to "shoot offscreen to reload", you have a fully-functional magazine which "reloads" when you do your mag changes. Even More Extremely Expensive.   

       While you could demil the firearms and put lasers in them, boresighting them would be a pain in the keister, and they would never be accurate for each shooter - each shooter would have to zero the firearm.   

       All this would raise the production costs very high, and in turn be a very expensive game to play. It would be more worth your while to go to an NRA-sponsored event and learn to safely shoot under supervision. That is, if you live in the US...
timpestuous, Jun 23 2003

       baked. "Silent Scope" uses a sniper rifle with a display inside the scope, several games use a shotgun. I seem to remember several older games, such as the Terminator series and "Operation Wolf", just to name a few, using uzi-shaped guns.
Freefall, Jun 23 2003

       Yes, but were several different "guns" available for you to use in the course of one game session?
bristolz, Jun 23 2003


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