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Hobbit Hunting

Who likes them?... really?
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I think the title says it all really. All I'm thinking of is a regular FPS, brilliant graphics, stunning physics engine, all the works and then some!...

The game would consist of you being dropped in a level from a plane, and from that moment you kill as many as possible...

Weapons would be many and all fragging cool!

The levels would start off easy... dark days in Mordor where Hobbits are rare, but would quickly get much harder, and sunnier... and the badly written characters are found in surplus!...

btw... you get cars

Did I mention multiplayer?

The SDK would come with the game and allow you to chanage anything you were unhappy with or felt the game was lacking... as well as that there wuld always be new updates avaliable

Ossalisc, Feb 12 2004

The real truth... http://www.mcsweene...4/22fellowship.html
[k_sra, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       Have you started breathing again yet [Ossalisc] ?
skinflaps, Feb 12 2004

       Ok, so I just read: "The title says it all. Blah blah blah. Suggestions anyone?"   

       Is that about it? Can you maybe shorten the body of the idea a little?
k_sra, Feb 12 2004

       There are only 17 solid lines of text... the rest are meant to be lists... but they haven't turned out like that...
Ossalisc, Feb 12 2004

       how do you force a new line?
Ossalisc, Feb 12 2004

       type <br> in the text to force a new line.
half, Feb 12 2004

       //btw... you get cars//   

       Thats genius. Sheer comedy genius.
Jinbish, Feb 12 2004

       So I was also sick of him rolling his eyes stoically by the end of the movie.   

       But I think I'm over that now.
theircompetitor, Feb 12 2004

       You can do this with Quake and other FPSs. There are already a wide range of LotR-themed skins you can download.
kropotkin, Feb 12 2004

       // long ideas have to be VERY good for them to get anywhere //   

       This rule applies equally to short ideas.
JKew, Feb 12 2004

       dag, you know they're not real don't you?
DrBob, Feb 13 2004

       If they're not real, [MISTERBob], who destroyed the ring, then? Huh?
Detly, Feb 13 2004

       According to Hans Blix there was no ring.
DrBob, Feb 13 2004

       Latest statements from Gandalf say that there seems to be evidence that Sauron had initiated investigation of ring creation programmes.
PeterSilly, Feb 13 2004

       Yes but he was working for the Elves who were just trying to justify their own ring possession. I mean, look at the fiasco with the dwarves. The Elves claimed that they (the dwarves) had seven rings but in the event they had to scale down their claim to just one and even that was based on hearsay and rumour. There was no real evidence for their existence at all.

And the Elves continual obstruction of the Nazguls' attempts to examine their own ring stockpile tells you everything really, doesn't it?
DrBob, Feb 13 2004

       And the West had a trial run in the mountain fastness of Helm's Deep before the main invasion of the offending country. Too many analogies, too little time.
PeterSilly, Feb 13 2004

       Be vewy vewy quiet. He's huntin Hobbits.   

       See [link].
k_sra, Feb 13 2004

       <on reading k_sra's link> D'oh! Why am I so unoriginal?
DrBob, Feb 13 2004

       You're smart, [DrBob]. Up there on another wavelength. Clever as clever!
k_sra, Feb 13 2004


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