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Gunsight camera + glasses

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Camera gunsights exist. Heads up-displays built into glasses exist.

I suggest combining them - barrel or slide mounted camera feeding an image to a special pair of glasses - giving the shooter a display of exactly what the gun is pointing at. Has the advantage of a laser pointer without making a visible dot on your target, and lets you aim and hit the target even if it seems like you're not looking directly at it.

a1, Mar 14 2023


       Watching a smaller screen with a *slightly* different perspective of what you're already seeing seems like it would be confusing and make it harder to focus on the target. Idk, I'll have to ponder this one.
21 Quest, Mar 14 2023

       I was thinking you could enable it only when needed - maybe comes on when your finger is inside the trigger guard. And image would only be in the upper corner, like glancing in your car's rear view mirror w/o taking your eyes off the road.   

       Still would require training and acclimation though.
a1, Mar 14 2023

       Nice! I've pondered this concept myself. One thing I would add, especially if a magnified view: a stabilising mount, not between the gun & the sight, but between the handpiece(s) & the gun.
FPS games commonly have a "switch to gun view" that is the virtual equivalent of this, so I think most people would have little problem getting the hang of it.
neutrinos_shadow, Mar 14 2023

       I didn’t know this was a video game feature :( Wouldn’t be surprised if there’s already a real-world implementation that I missed in my shallow search.
a1, Mar 15 2023


       " there’s already a real-world implementation that I missed in my shallow search "
normzone, Mar 20 2023


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