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aka. Wiggle pen on downers.
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Cursive writing is largely an assortment of loops, and the wrist tends to move in a circular motion.

So what I'm proposing is a pen with a small motor inside, and attached to that motor is a weight, which causes the center of gravity to rotate, resulting in an automated circular pattern. The momentum of the weight aids the writer and causes less fatigue.

The thumb controls a switch that reverses the motor's direction. For instance, when writing the lower-case word "gold," the switch would start on clockwise for the 'g,' making two loops. The switch would then be reversed to write the 'o' and the 'l.' It would then be flipped back into the clockwise position for the final loop of the 'd.'

It would be a challenge to grow accustom to at first, but I think it would definitely make writing a thousand word timed essay much less tiring.

Cuit_au_Four, Aug 05 2005

(?) Motorized Squiggle Wiggle Writing Pen http://enablingdevi...d=279&session=child
The aforementioned Wiggle pen exhibited for the public's edification. [jurist, Aug 05 2005]


       I write the middle zone of a *g*, the top loop that is, in an anti-clockwise movement.
po, Aug 05 2005

       Me too, perhaps we're special.
skinflaps, Aug 05 2005

       Hey! So do I - I wish I was special. I don't belong here. <Ooo! I just had a Radiohead moment>
coprocephalous, Aug 05 2005

       This isn't happening...   

       Great idea. May have to change rotation speeds based on the users speed, and even then it may be the most akward feeling ever. But, if all works smoothly, this pen would be pretty sweet.
daseva, Aug 05 2005


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